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25 Kites that Fly by Leslie Hunt - Twenty-five basic kites are covered in constructional detail: standard two-stick kites; six-point stars; figural kites such as imps, fishermen, elephants, owls, shields, balloon kites; tetrahedral kites; various kinds of box kites with and without wings; really strong military kites, and many other varieties. 70 explanatory illustrations. Index. Book is in fair condition, with creases and library stickers (withdrawn). Paper, 110 pages. #50 cents

Basic of Speech: Learn to Be a Competent Communicator, 3rd ed.
(Nat'l Textbook Company, 1999) - Covers a variety of aspects of communication - the basics of communication, communication with self and others, group communication, public communication and more. Hardcover, 626 pages.

#3823 $81.32 $30.00

Grade 4 Learn at Home: Reading, Language Skills, Spelling, Math, Science & Social Studies (American Education Publishing) -
-- 36 weeks of lesson plans
-- Reproducible, full-color activity sheets
-- Background information on all subject areas
-- Themed social studies units
-- Hands-on science investigations
-- Explanations of concepts, skills, and teaching methods
-- Step-by-step instructions for parents
-- Answer keys -- for grades 2 through 6

Only one page used. Crease on one corner. Paper, 383 pages.
#5129 $29.95 $15.00

Backpacking, One Step at a Time by Harvey Manning - Equipment information may be outdated but the other advice given on hiking and walking is timeless. Good condition, small crease on front and back cover. Paper, 349 pages. #0334  $2.00

Collegiate Dictionary
(Merriam Webster's) - 10th edition/1993. Good condition. Hardcover, 1600 pages. #7080 $22.95 $5.00

Fairies Through the Year by Jane E. Gerver, illustrated by Diane Dawson Hearn and Reg Sandland - A storybook about fairies. Glittery stickers already applied throughout the book. Colorful illustrations. Cover and back have some mild wrinkles but the inside pages are pristine.

Paper, 16 pages. Ages 4+. #7347 $3.99 99 cents

The Godzilla Scrapbook by James Preller. Doesn't have poster. Has a corner crease. Glossy photos, 32 pages. #2393 $8.98 $2.00

Going Places With Children in Washington - Includes main sights and museums in Washington, D.C. and around the beltway in Maryland and Virginia, the great outdoors, entertainment, sports, and more. I have two older editions of this guidebook. One is 1983 (10th edition) and one is 1985 (11th edition). So, some information may be outdated. Both books have some wrinkles, one has library stickers. $1.00 each (let me know which one you want).

4-H Horse Program
(2 books) - Horse Science (46 pages) and Horses & Horsemanship (48 pages). Good condition. Paper. $3.00

Hickory Dickory Dock: Colour Clock Game (Child's Play) -
Learn how to tell time using a conventional (analog clock).The game consists of 4 clock cards with movable hands and 48 small cards, each showing a different time. Each clock-face is divided into 12 five-minute segments in six colours. The game is for up to four players. Each receives a clock face. The small cards are mixed and placed face down between the players, or kept by a game leader. One card is turned over at a time. The players examine the card and move the hands on their clock card to see if the colours on the small card correspond to those on their clock card. If so, the player claims the card. Winner is the first player to correctly claim 12 cards.

The game may be played by children who have no understanding of telling the time. Color alone is sufficient clue in most cases. Color is dispensed with for the more advanced players. This way the inexperienced child has an equal chance to win as the child who is already familiar with numbers, clocks or telling the time.

Materials: 4 clock cards with movable hands, 48 small cards, instructions inside box lid. Game is complete. Box is torn.

#5003 $5.00

Information, Please!: A Guide to Enhance Your Child's Research and Critical Thinking Skills
by Pat Wesolowski - The author believes that the key to a child's successful education rests in the ability to find information. This curriculum consists of 40 worksheets designed to be completed one per week for one year. Questions are asked that require information to be found regarding the basic disciplines, as well as such topics as etiquette, occupations, and higher education. The object of the work sheets is to expose your children to the many different resources required to find the necessary information, including almanacs, atlases, globes, thesauruses, concordances, maps, encyclopedias, dictionaries, phone books, grammar books, and more. Recommended for ages 5-9. Paper, out of print.
#8564 $16.00 $8.00

The Kid's Book of Chess
by Harvey Kidder - Traces the history of chess, describes the pieces and how they move, and discusses the strategy of the game. This is the book only (does NOT include the chess set). #7671 $1.00

Magic Eye II: Now You See It...
To discover your Magic Eye, focus your eyes as if you were looking at a faraway object: this is called "diverging" your eyes. Then you will "magically" see the 3D image. 23 images. Pure fun! #9399 $2.00

Map & Maze Puzzles (Usborne): Advanced Level -
All of the puzzles in this book are self-contained, so you can tackle them in any order. But there is more to the book than meets the eye. Buried deep within the maps and mazes, other stories are waiting to emerge which will lead you the book's central mystery. Like new.  RL: 5.
#9174 $3.95

Mobil Masterpeice Theatre 1971-1991
- This is a book about the classic productions of the Mobil Masterpiece Theatre during 1971-1991, including Upstairs Downstairs, David Copperfield, Mayor of Casterbridge, Disraeli. Illustrated with scenes from the productions, as well as period color posters. See a young Jeremy Irons and Ben Cross. Color and black and white pictures. Very good condition. Hardcover, 112 large, glossy pages. Coffee table size book: 10" x 13 1/2".  $10.00

Odd Jobs 2005 Calendar
- This calendar is based on Nancy Rica Schiff's book on unusual occupations. The black-and-white photos capture the oddball professionals and could be used for framing. A paragraph describes each odd job.

#6020 $12.95 $1.00

Scene of the Crime -  Read about the different ways evidence found at crime scenes is analyzed. Then you'll test "evidence" from the three cases to catch the criminals. Book comes with 8 feet of crime scene tape, magnifier, tweezers, fingerprint brush and more. Paper, 223 pages. Ages 7 and up. #027X $7.95 $4.00

Stories from the Bible, Old and New Testament
(Illustrated Classic Editions) - Told in an easy-to-understand, exciting style, are the stories of Creation, of Abraham and Isaac, of Moses, David, and so much more...kings, prophets, warriors, and saints. Here too is the life of Jesus, from birth to resurrection. Large print, black & white illustrations. Paper, 240 pages. #5926 $7.95 $3.00

Tooth Fairy Book - This kit offers both a book and a lovely velvet pouch in which to put a tooth before placing it under the pillow to await the Tooth Fairy's visit. Commemorating a rite of passage for all children--the loss of baby teeth--this precious book tells the story of the Tooth Fairy and her visit to one special little boy. Includes sayings, riddles, poems, and a journal section where you can record when each tooth was lost. Illustrated. The velvet pouch is in a plastic sleeve that was opened and then resealed with tape. It has not been used and neither has the book. #1470 $9.95 $2.99

True Survival Stories -
Presents true stories of survival, including those of Anne Frank, Nelson Mandela, and the people involved in the Iranian embassy siege. Fair condition. Paper, 340 pages. #6579 $7.95 $1.99

What Your 3rd Grader Needs to Know
by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. Good condition. Paper.

Timothy Whale's Rainbow
by Darrell Wiskur - A simple, rhyming children's book that explains the flood of Noah to young children, Timothy Whale's Rainbow reminds children that God's love and provision made a way of escape for those who loved Him. It also includes a 6-page glossary in the back with fun facts about the ocean, whales, and Noah's Ark. Hardcover, 40 pages. Lots of illustrations. #2892 $14.95 $5.00

What Your 3rd Grader Needs to Know
by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. Very good condition, *Hardcover*, 345 pages. $9.00

The World Almanac for Kids 2003 by World Almanac (Editor)  presents valuable information in a lavishly illustrated, full-color format that will appeal to children of all ages. 300 illustrations & photos. Excellent condition. Paper, 336 pages. #8780 $11.95 $2.99

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Complete Guide to Drawing & Painting (Reader's Digest) - Huge volume that covers: pencils, charcoal, pen & ink, watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastels. Contains over 800 full-color illustrations, including step-by-step, demonstrations of all the art techniques in the book. Excellent condition. "R" stamped on side of book. Hardcover, 288 pages.
#9560 $27.95 $12.00

Draw Alien Fantasies: A Step by Step Guide
by Damon J. Reinagle - Provides step-by-step instructions for drawing space aliens, spaceships, and extraterrestrial settings. Paper, 64 pages. $7412 $4.99 $2.50

Drawing with Children:  A Creative Teaching and Learning Method That Works for Adults, Too
by Mona Brookes. The author has developed a method that requires no prior knowledge of art or special talent. She believes that "everyone can draw if exposed to the proper information about materials and given an orientation..." For children, teenagers, and adults. Fair condition. There are creases on the inside pages and the cover. There is also some light staining. This was a well-used book! The binding is fine. Paper, 211 pages. $3.00

How to Draw Garfield & the Gang by Jim Davis -
Learn how to draw lasagna-loving Garfield, Jon, Odie, Nermel, Arlene and the entire gang. You'll also learn some cartooning techniques from the creator of Garfield, Jim Davis.

Paper, 32 pages. Ages 7-12.

#1328 $2.95 $1.99

Ways of Drawing Eyes: A Guide to Expanding Your Visual Awareness
by Roger Coleman - The focus is on drawing eyes. Excellent condition. Hardcover, 64 pages. 5.5"x6.5"
#3945 $5.00

Cookbooks/Party Handbooks

The Children's Party Handbook by Alison Boteler - Includes 16 birthday, holiday, and theme parties with instructions for making invitations, games, and decorations. Each party comes with a menu and recipes. Cover and first 15 pages are slightly warped and cover has some slight creasing. Good condition. Paper, 188 pages. #7478 $13.95 $5.00

China the Beautiful Cookbook
- This is a gorgeous cookbook. Oversized, with beautiful color photos throughout. Included is the history of various regions and food. This was given as a gift; however, we are vegetarians and most of the recipes include meat. So, the book has never been used and is in excellent condition. Hardcover, 256 pages. #2710 $10.00

Feed Me! I'm Yours
by Vicki Lansky - Nutritious recipes for babies. The cover is worn but the recipes inside are still good! Paper, 158 pages. #6407 $2.25 50 cents

The Fructose Cookbook
by Minuha Cannon - Learn how to cook with fructose, a natural sweetener found in honey, fruits, berries, and vegetables. (Not the same as high fructose corn syrup!). Good condition. Paper, 128 pages. #8183 $5.95 $2.00

Kids Cook Too! Creative Cookery for Children and Teens
by Lonnie Domke. Each kitchen-tested recipe is simply outlined with numbered step-by-step instructions. The book includes tips on shopping and organizing the kitchen for cooking as well as a measuring chart, a metric conversion table and other measuring tips. Good condition. Paper, 94 pages.
#9512 $10.95 $3.00

Let's Cook it Together!
by Peggy Brusseau. Utterly scrumptious vegetarian recipes for you and your children to make together. Very good condition. Paper, 128 pages. #2996 $8.00

Weight Watchers New International Cookbook
(1985) Good condition Hardcover, 384 pages. #0113 $18.95 $4.00

Weight Watchers' Fast and Fabulous Cookbook: 250 Delicious Recipes That Can Be Prepared in an Hour or Less
by Jean Nidetch. Paper, 374 pages.
#7271 $7.95 $1.00

Wonderful Ways to Prepare Meals in a Wok
. Good condition. Paper, 96 pages. #2310 $1.00

Foreign Language


French & English Dictionary (The Bantam New College edition) - Good condition. Cover has some creasing and marks. Paper, 739 pages. #4112 $3.00


Foundation Course in Spanish, 5th edition (Publisher: D.C. Heath and Company) - Textbook. Good condition. Some highlighting. Hardcover, 414 pages. #6379 $10.00

Glencoe Spanish 1: Bienvenidos
(Textbook & Workbook) - Books are in great condition. The first 12 workbook pages have the answers filled in with pencil, and a student's name is written in pencil in both books. The text is hardcover and 514 pages. The workbook is paper and 277 pages.  $113.58 $35.00

Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way, 2nd edition (Barron's) - Includes fun puzzles, helpful vocabulary cards, quick quizzes, funny and full-color illustrations, maps, and a pull-out dictionary. A few pages have writing on them, mainly pencil. Paper, 286 pages.
#2052 $18.95 $10.00

The Modern Method Spanish
(Conversa-Phone) - two cassettes. $4.00

Present-Day Spanish by Bernard Levy. This is an older book (copyright 1941). The emphasis is on the language of everyday use. Some edgewear and stains. Binding in good condition. Hardcover, 376 pages. $3.00

500 Palabra Nuevas Para Ti
(500 Words to Grow On) - Names of objects in English and Spanish and accompanying illustrations are grouped by topics such as colors, toys, animals, and tools. For young children. Good condition. Paper, 32 pages. #1586 $2.00


Animal Kingdoms: Wildlife Sanctuaries of the World (National Geographic Society) - Includes gorgeous full-color photographs of wildlife in various sanctuaries around the world. Great condition. Hardcover, 200 pages. #7344 $5.00

A Bird's-Eye View: A First Book of Maps by Harriet Wittels - Includes maps of various places in the community and activities. Only the included stickers have been applied; everything else is unused. Paper, 32 pages. #6216 $3.95 $1.75

Fabulous Facts About the 50 States by Wilma Ross - A festival of fabulous firsts, figures and facts. Maps, state birds, trees, flowers. Each and every state in the U.S. is fabulous. Very good condition. Paper, 224 pages. #8862 $2.75

Top Secret Adventures (Highlights) - Explore the world and solve whodunit mysteries at the same time!

I have a huge box of Top Secret kits from the Highlights club. Each kit comes with a guide book, puzzle book, a puzzle, suspect cards, and more. I have 23 kits. The puzzle books in 10 of them are unused; in 13 of them, the activities are filled out. One of the kits is missing the puzzle. See for a description. The guide book alone is an informative 32-page paperback book with information about each country's famous landmarks, fun facts and information about the cultures and customs of the people who live there. It's a fun way to learn geography.

Includes the following countries and more: Thailand, Kenya, Australia, Japan, China, France, Spain, Sweden, Greece, Rome.

If you bought the packs new through Highlights, each pack costs $16.40 + $2.45 per shipment.

23 Top Secrets Kits: $433.55 $150.00

Which Way USA Kits (Highlights) - Discover America the fun way, with puzzle-solving adventures. With this exciting series, kids explore the country from sea to shining sea, meeting famous people, learning to use maps, seeing the sights and learning about each great state. Each adventure begins with a fun-filled 32-page puzzle book and a big, colorful US state map.

The puzzle books in 14 of the sets are unused; in 11 of them the activities are filled out (but you still get interesting information). The maps for Indiana and South Carolina are missing.

I have the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

If you buy the packs new through Highlights, each pack costs $5.95 + $2.45 per shipment.

25 Which Way USA Kits: $210.00 $99.00


Abraham Lincoln by Anne Colver - A biography of Abraham Lincoln for children. This book dates back to the mid-60's (when I was a child), so it is yellowed. 35 cents

The Byzantine Empire: A Cultural Legacy
(Jackdaw Publications) - Hands-on exhibits illustrate the exotic customs and culture of the Byzantine Empire, the commercial center of the silk and spice trades. The broadsheets emphasize this era’s preservation of the heritage of Greece and Rome during Europe’s Dark Ages. Display the Timeline of Events and List of Emperors to add historical perspective to discussion. Historian: Adriane Ruggiero.

The contents of this Jackdaw feature: The Byzantine Empire: An Historical Overview A Tour of Constantinople, Imperial City The Byzantine Emperor: Chosen of God Great Lives The Art of Byzantine Diplomacy The Spread of Byzantine Civilization.

Jackdaw Publications focuses on providing primary source material for the subject being studied. For this portfolio, they include an eyewitness account of the coronation of an emperor, a guide for protocol at the court of the Byzantine emperor, Byzantine liturgical poetry, the Greek and Cyrillic alphabets, and more.

The above, and a study guide, have all been placed in a 3-ring binder and each of the broadsheet and exhibits are in their own separate sheet protectors. It's very organized and easy to access. The study guide has a yellow highlighter mark through each page. Otherwise, all pages are in excellent/pristine condition.

Visit to view the material and other subjects.

#J-300 $49.95 $25.00

Dream Catchers -
The Tsos recreate the Native American tradition of making dream catchers--hoops hung by the Ojibway Indians on their children's cradleboards to "catch" bad dreams. Book only (you have to supply the materials to make the dream catcher).
#6030 $6.95 .50

The Foundations of Western Civilization DVD set (The Teaching Company) Taught by Professor Thomas F.X. Noble. With these 48 lectures on the people, places, ideas, and events that make up The Foundations of Western Civilization, award-winning scholar and teacher Thomas F. X. Noble of the University of Notre Dame invites you to explore the vast and rich territory of Western civilization.

From the late stages of the Agricultural Revolution to the doorstep of the Scientific Revolution, your learning in this course will cover roughly 3000 B.C. to A.D. 1600, when the "foundations" of the modern West come into view. Your learning will follow a timeline and order to cover vast amounts of territory and thousands of years:

- Begin in the ancient Near East and move to Greece, then to Rome
- Explore the shape and impact of large ancient empires, including those of Persia, Alexander the Great, and Rome
- Consider Western Europe to watch Europe gradually expand physically and culturally
- Examine the globalization of Western civilization with the Portuguese and Spanish voyages of exploration and discovery.
- Discover a Treasure of Rich Historical Detail

Professor Noble's guidance allows you to comprehend the ongoing presence of the Roman Empire, the ceaseless influence of a 20-year golden age in Athens, the living struggle between Abraham's three great religions, and much more.

48 lectures, 30 minutes per lecture, on 8 DVDs. #5752 $519.95 $189.99

Good Queen Bess: The Story of Elizabeth I of England
by Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema. Diane Stanley's exquisitely detailed paintings provide memorable scenes of Elizabeth and her times. This is a wonderful biography of a remarkable queen. Hardcover, 40 pages. Ages 6+. #8109 $16.95

The History News: Revolution - In a lively newspaper format, History News explores the important historical events and everyday activities of people during the Revoluiton. Through fascinating feature stories, informative interviews, advice columns, and quirky advertisements, curious young readers can delve into the lives of people, their culture, and their world. Includes intriguing text, colorful illustrations, historical maps, and a timeline.

Pick up a copy of The History News: Revolution and enter the rebellious world of revolutions. Join General Washington and the patriots at Valley Forge, fight for liberty with the French, and march into Beijing with Chairman Mao. This lively, informative volume takes a close look at the American, French, Russian, and Chinese revolutions, plus other revolutions that rocked the world.

Paper, 32 pages. Some edgewear. #3701 $4.00

Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance (Treasure Chests) - The history, art, and architecture of the Renaissance -- and the genius of one of the period's most central figures -- comes alive with this hands-on kit. Includes a model of Santa Maria del Fiore to put together, facsimile sketchbook, a Leonardo timeline poster, 32-page book, Last Supper slider, key to lock the box and a punched cartoon sketch. The replica of Leonardo's flying machine is missing.

#7468 $19.95 $5.00

Orphan Train Rider: One Boy's True Story by Andrea Warren - From 1854 to 1930, the orphan trains took homeless children from cities in the East to new homes in the West, the Midwest, and the South. In Warren's book, one man's memories of his childhood abandonment and adoption give a personal slant on the subject. Chapters telling the story of Lee Nailing, who took an orphan train west in 1926, alternate with chapters filling in background information about the trains and the experiences of other children who rode them to their destinies. Throughout the book, black-and-white photos show both the people and places in Nailing's story and the broader topic of the orphan train experience. Children will find this a good resource on an intriguing subject. Paper, 80 pages. Ages 10-13. #5278 $4.99

Places of Mystery (Start Exploring) - A fact-filled coloring book of: lost civilizations, natural mysteries in the U.S. prehistoric puzzles such a Stonehenge, and more. Some of the pictures are colored in but most are not, plus there's lots of text for reading (not just captions to the pictures). Inside pages are in excellent condition (cover is worn on the edges and has a tear). Out of print. Paper, 128 pages. #1934 $8.95 $5.00

The Sonlight Curriculum Book of Time (used) - A Blank Time Line from 5000 BC to the Present (Spiral-bound) - Pre-printed blank time line in a spiral-bound book, for use throughout your homeschooling adventure. You and your learners fill in events as you learn about them (everyone can share this book). Comes with some events and historical figures that you can cut out and stick on the timeline. Some have already been stuck on. A few pages have been written on and erased. Cover has a scrape.

100 years per page 5000 BC to 200 BC
50 years per page 200 BC to 1000 AD
25 years per page 1000 to 1850
10 years per page 1850 to present

8 1/2 x 11", heavy-gauge paper. #0249 $20.99 $5.00

Stalin: Russia's Man of Steel
by Albert Marrin. A ruthless dictator who killed tens of millions of his own people, Stalin used political power for his own deranged ends. The horrors he perpetuated were staggering. I vaguely knew that he had killed many of his own people but did not really understand the magnitude until I read this book. I also don't understand why I did not learn more about Stalin when I was in school -stunned, actually - because of how important this information is to know. His shadow is still felt among people of the former USSR.

Marrin traces Stalin's roots all the way back to his childhood, his work as a revolutionary leader, and then to his final role as dictator of the Soviet Union. As the publisher says, “The magnitude and scope of the destruction presented in this book is unsettling, disturbing and sometimes difficult to comprehend.”

The book also gives you a look at communism, which Stalin used for his own purposes.

Paper, 242 pages. Black and white photos throughout. School Library Journal Book of the Year.

This copy is defective. It is missing the last three pages of the text.

$13.95 $4.00


TRISMS Curriculum imparts a chronological survey and geographical progression of mankind throughout time. TRISMS is more than a history study for high school and middle school. It builds upon a foundation of research, discovery, and language from late elementary school through high school.

One of the primary goals is to teach students to ask questions, find answers, and transfer information from reading to thinking, to writing, and to speaking. Devised with the busy homeschool family in mind, TRISMS teaches independent critical thinking and unit study style skills to prepare the student for college.

Throughout the year the student will read literature, biographies, historical fiction, cultural studies, and most varieties of reference materials. TRISMS is easily adapted to a multi-level setting in the home school with all ages of students using a classical and innovative approach.

Rise of Nations (1440-1860 A.D.) - Investigate the birth of the nations of the world through their art, music, history, architecture, geography and literature in this fully integrated curriculum designed for high school students. Includes cultures in Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America & South America. Composition assignments include lessons from Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (IEW). One-year program. Includes manual with required literature selections, answer keys, and a student pack. 1999-2000 edition. The manual and answer keys are in a binder and sections have been tabbed and highlighted. The student pack is unused and still wrapped in plastic. #RON $195.00 $99.00

TRISMS: Discovering the Ancient World (Creation - 500 BC)
- Discovering the Ancient World begins with the beginning of recorded history and covers civilizations up to 500 B.C., both Eastern and Western. For each civilization students study and map the region, study the literature of the people, the science discoveries of that civilization, and delve into the art, music and architecture unique to each people group.

Comparison questions, intensive writing assignments (with an option of including the Institute for Excellence in Writing), and research skills develop critical thinking in the students. This is a multi-cultural approach to literature and composition using the actual writings from the civilizations. All literature necessary for the course is included in the User's Manual.

Your scholar will create a course book, make a timeline, and mark the expansion of civilization on an unmarked world map.

Answer keys are provided for all research questionnaires, worksheets, quizzes, vocabulary, and unit tests.

The program is designed to last one year and is for 8th or 9th grade with adaptations for 6th through 8th grade. Anyone who knows me understands that I have to add in that since children are so different, you have to adapt the program to fit you and your child's individual needs. Our daughter did not follow the one-year recommendation. I set up the worksheets in labeled file folders and she was able to do the program completely independently and at her own pace.

My set includes the main text and the answer key book. The book has removable tabs that I added to make it easy to find certain sections of the book quickly. There is mild edgewear to the books and two slightly wrinkled pages in the main book (already there when I bought the book new!)  You will need to buy the student pack separately. Visit the following web site to purchase the student pack and for more info: #DAW $165.00 $79.00


The Only Homeschool Co-op Booklet Need to Start Your Very Own Best Co-op Ever! by Karen Langes offers insight from her years as a homeschool parent, support group leader, and co-op coordinator. She shares advice, helpful hints, resources and more so you can start your very own best co-op ever. Paper, 37 pages. $6.00


Abeka Books Algebra 1 Tests/Quizzes -There are a few bent pages but the book is in excellent condition and none of the test/quiz pages have been marked. Paper, 160 pages. #66834 $9.95 $7.00

Algebra I
(The Teaching Company DVDs) - High school level. 30 lectures, 30 minutes per lecture. Inspired and informed by research on the teaching and learning of algebra, the teacher gives functions a "front stage" role in her Algebra I course design. After a historical overview of the evolution of algebra, she explores the various families of functions, in a logical and ascending order from linear to quadratic to rational and, finally, to the family of exponential functions. Each family serves as the building blocks for understanding the following and more advanced family of functions. The penultimate section addresses systems of equations and inequalities—taken from among the families studied in previous sections—and the final section looks to the future by giving a taste of fascinating fractals and captivating chaos.

I bought this DVD series for our daughter to use, but a different learning opportunity presented itself, and she never used it. You can learn more about the program by visiting The Teaching Company.

Brand new. Six DVDs: 30 lectures, 30 minutes per lecture. Comes with 151-page study workbook.

#2720080 $254.95 $199.00

Algebra II, revised (Amsco) with Answer Key - An up-to-date revision of the classic Modern Algebra Two, this book presents a second course in algebra, including a thorough review of first-year algebra. Written in precise, yet simple language that is accessible to students, the book covers all the customary topics in a manner that develops understanding of principles while sharpening problem-solving skills.Exercises for each topic provide practice with skills and concepts covered in each section.

Two books. $21.00 $16.00

Saxon Math 54 - 1994 edition of the text plus answer key. #8212 $25.00

1-100 Activity Book (Learning Resources) - Activities and Worksheets for the Hundred Board (need a Hundred Board to go with the book. Helps children learn order and comparison; place value; number patterns; addition and subtraction; and multiplication. Staining on back cover and crease on front cover. Inside pages clean and crisp. Ages 5-10. Paper, 60 pages.

Division (Timed Math Drills) - provides step-by-step drills in division that start with wholepage calculations using the same single divisor (1 through 9); progress to calculations using two different divisors, and then to all-inclusive, mixed divisors..The goal is to achieve mastery at the highest possible accuracy level in the lowest possible time. A chart is included on which each student's progress can be recorded. Award forms are included to validate students' achievements. Paper, 32 pages. REM504 $7.99 $4.00

Family Math by Stenmark, Thompson & Cossey - Popular among homeschoolers, Family Math activities, games and projects use simple everyday objects such as beans, blocks, and pennies. Designed for adults and kids to do together, each math activity is coded for level of difficulty and lists what skill is being covered (logical reasoning, measurement, probability, estimation, statistics, and more). Reproducible sheets for various math activities are included: graph paper (can be used with Cuisenaire Rods), blank calendars, tangram patterns, and hundred charts are a few. Homeschoolers also find handy the lists of skills generally covered at each grade level. Stresses hands-on learning and using math skills in everyday life. Ages 5-12. The inside pages of this copy are great but the cover is warped and there are marks on the edges. Paper, 319 pages. #1060 $19.95 $5.00

Fraction Jugglers by Ruth Bell Alexander - comes with a deck of 86 fraction cards). Learn fractions step-by-step through games like Fraction Rummy, Make it Whole and 16 other games. It examines common denominators, mixed numbers, equivalent fractions, and more. The games can be adapted to all ability levels. Cover is missing. 118 pages. #1048 $12.95 $5.00

Geoboard Activity Book for Primary Grades: K-3 (Learning Resources) - Encourage problem solving and introduce basic geometry concepts. To be used with a geoboard. Good condition. Ages 5-8. Paper, 58 pages. $8.95 $5.00

Geometry Labs Drawing Template (Key Curriculum Press) This template contains a ruler, a protractor, and shapes not found on other templates. Translucent for easier overlays, its convenient 8.5-inch by 11-inch size makes this a useful item. Excellent condition. Unused. Plastic. $4.95 $3.00 

The Gumby Book of Shapes - Clay figures Gumby and Pokey introduce basic shapes, including the circle, square, rectangle, triangle, oval, and heart. Hardcover. #4538 $1.99

Joy of Thinking: The Beauty and Power of Classical Mathematical Ideas (The Teaching Company DVD set) Taught by Professor Edward B. Burger and Professor Michael Starbird -  Fun, joy, pleasure, aesthetics, intrigue, beauty, richness, texture, power, and life are words not normally associated with mathematics. In this course, however, you will discover mathematics as an artistic and creative realm that contains some of the greatest ideas of human history—ideas that have shaped cultures. Explore the fourth dimension, coincidences, fractals, the allure of number and geometry, and bring these weighty notions back down to earth.

Every lecture will develop incredible ideas by starting from commonplace observations and building from there. By counting the spirals on the prickly facades of pineapples and pinecones, discover a number pattern that has a life of its own and expresses itself within paintings, architecture, and music. By tracing the edge of a twisted strip of paper, you will develop insights into the shape of our universe.Thus in this course, sometimes frivolous, inauspicious beginnings quickly lead us to fundamental insights into our lives and our world.

Mathematical thinking leads not only to insights about our everyday lives and everyday world, but also points us to worlds far beyond our own. One of the joys of life comes from playing with ideas that are not bounded by mere reality. There is no reason why our minds cannot go where no mind has gone before and live to tell the exciting tale. A mathematical point of view can take us far and bring us back home with a new perspective on everything.

Whether viewers already enjoy mathematics or frankly hate mathematics, these excursions will enable everyone to bring great mathematical ideas to life.

One of the obstacles traditionally associated with mathematics is its hierarchical structure. One goal of these lectures is to demonstrate that mathematical ideas are within the reach of people who may not have an extensive background in mathematics.

The mathematics offered here will not remind you of school—there will be no formulas; no problems; no equations; no techniques; no drills; and no, there won’t be any tests.

24 lectures, 30 minutes per lecture, on 4 DVDs. Comes with course guidebook.
$254.95 $189.00

Math 3 (Grades 3-4) -
Includes workbook pages that are easy to tear out and colorful stickers. Paper, 32 pages. #5787 $2.29 $1.25

MathArts: Exploring Math through Art for 3 to 6 Year Olds by MaryAnn F. Kohl and Cindy Gainer -
Get ready to cut, create, and count in this exciting introduction to math. MathArts is an innovative approach that uses creative art projects to introduce preschoolers to math concepts. Each of the 200 hands-on activities is designed to help children discover essential math skills through a creative process unique to every individual. Illustrations.

Paper, 255 pages. The inside cover has some marks from a sticker.#1772 $19.95 $10.00

Math for the Real World (Kaplan) CD-ROM - Hit the road with your hot new band on one of two 10-city U.S. tours. Build math skills and use common sense to help your band climb the charts and earn the chance to produce an amazing multimedia music video!

Features: Logic; Fractions, decimals and percents; Time; Money; Charts and maps; Volume; Weight Measurement; Patterns.

PC System Requirements: Windows™ 98/95, 486/66 Mhz or faster, 16 MB of RAM, 256 color graphics, Windows compatible sound card,4x or faster CD-ROM drive, Mouse and hard drive
Macintosh® System Requirements: PowerPC™, 16 MB RAM, System 7.51 or higher, 4x CD-ROM drive, 14" display, 256 color video display. #3773 $5.00

Moneywise Kids
(Aristoplay) - Teach your child the meaning of money with two fun math games. Math skills covered: counting bills in denominations of $1 to $100, exchanging smaller bills for larger bills of equal value, making correct change, addition, subtraction, multiples, place value, budgeting and money management. Includes: 2 game boards, 16 moneywise markers, 2 dice. The game is missing the "play" money, so you will need to get some separately. Ages 7+, 2 players. #8087 $12.00 $6.00

Multiplication & Division (Grades 3-4) -
Includes workbook pages that are easy to tear out and colorful stickers. Paper, 64 pages. Cover has a water stain. #6568 $3.49 $1.50

Patterns in Arithmetic: Activities to Develop Mathematical Thinking
by Suki Glenn is about how to teach arithmetic using an inquiry method. Children learn about addition, subtraction, patterns, place value, and logic by building models, looking for patterns, playing games, making generalizations, and recording discoveries in ways that make sense to them at their own individual pace. This is a collection of lessons that will help parents and their child become better mathematicians and to have children learn to think as mathematicians think. Parents are an integral part of the learning. The title page is wrinkled, but the rest of the pages are in excellent condition. Three-ring binder, 223 pages. $15.00

Math Kit - 6" ruler, two triangles, protractor and compass, all plastic and in a plastic carry case. $2.00

Box of Patty Paper - These 6"x6" perfect squares of paper can be used with Key Curriculum's Patty Paper Geometry, other geometry folding projects or origami. The paper is easy to write on and easy to see creases and traces on. It can also be used for its original purpose - as paper used to separate hamburger patties. We used a few pieces but most of the 1,000 sheets are still in the box. 
#0736 $6.95 $5.00


The Fireside Song Book of Birds and Beasts - A large collection of folk songs for young and old, complete with musical scores and words. It is divided into the following sections: Farmyard & House; Field and Forest; In the Air; In the Sea; And Other Phenomenon.  Library stickers (withdrawn). A bit worn but the binding is in great shape. Hardcover, 223 pages including index. #5405 $5.00

Guitar Playing Made Easy for Everyone by Estelia and Roberts

Movie Hits for the Teen Player: Easy Piano Arrangements by Dan Coates - Includes pieces from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Spider-Man, James Bond, etc. The book is in an excellent condition. There are some notations in pencil on the James Bond theme (this is the song we got the book for, and the teacher wrote down the letters of the notes). #3636 $9.95 $6.00

Hullaballoo: A Holler-Along Handbook and Activities (Klutz) by Nancy Cassidy This interactive package includes children's recording artist Nancy Cassidy's all-new sing-along cassette, a wire-bound, full-color book--filled with games, puzzles, lyrics, and more. Not all the pieces are still with the book, but it still has the cassette. The stickers have been applied, but there is no writing. #0241 $15.95 $5.00

Note Recorder Method: Easy Duets for Beginners by Penny Gardner - Designed especially for children and non-musicians, this book features the following: large print & easy to read music; finger chart and worksheet to learn the nine easiest notes to play on the recorder; practical ways to learn and apply music-reading sills; 70 duets, trios and rounds to make music a fun, social experience; 30 Christmas pieces; folk songs, children's songs and classic melodies. Brand-new condition. Spiral-bound paper, 88 pages. #0571 $9.95


American Literature Tests and Quizzes (Abeka) - Contains 12 tests and 18 quizzes to correlate with American Literature text and The Scarlet Letter. Two of the quizzes have answers written in pencil. #73687 $4.75 $2.00

Scholastic at Home Phonics Reading Program
- Includes games, readers, audio cassettes, workbooks, VHS tape, and more. All 24 readers are in the kit but one of the games is missing. All 8 workbooks are included. The first workbook has writing throughout and the second has some writing in it. One other book has stickers applied. This program was part of a monthly club and the total cost was over $200. At the scholastic web site, the current version (it has CD's instead of cassettes) costs about $250. #SP $75.00

Drifter by Helen M. Jamison & Robin W. Shay - Ten stories and activity sheets for phonics practice. Includes game and stickers.
#3403 $10.00 $6.00

Themes in Literature Tests and Quizzes (Abeka) -
Fourteen pages are filled out mostly in pencil.  #62464 $4.75 $1.00


Millennium Blank Journal -
Has the year 2000 on the cover. Inside contains lined paper with the year 2000 at the top. Great for a journal. #6230 $1.00

Grammar Rock: Conjunction Junction (School House Rock) -
Children ages 6 to 10 build essential grammar skills with 19 activities and 9 great School House Rock music videos. Classify nouns as either a person, place, or thing...and paint a picture; learn about interjections while playing football; master grammar skills and earn coins for fun in the arcade, evaluate your child's skills, and more.

Minimum System Requirements: Windows 95/98 or better, 25 MHz 4865X or better with 8 megabytes of RAM. Double speed or faster. Sound card: Windows compatible, 256 colors.
Macintosh Power llci or better with 8 MB RAM. Operating system: 7.0 or greater. Software: Quick Time 2.0 or greater (included).

Includes bonus disk: America Rock.

2 CD-Roms: #8688
$14.95 $8.00

Handbook of Grammar and Composition, 4th ed.
(Abeka) - This handbook for writers covers grammar, usage, and mechanics thoroughly and emphasizes the application of those elements to the writing process. It is designed to be used for two years (grades 11 and 12) and then kept by the student as a reference tool during the college years and afterward. Students are given a thorough explanation of the writing process to help them learn how to plan, write, rewrite, and edit.

Besides good general principles for writing paragraphs and themes, they are also given clear and concise instructions and well-written models for writing for a wide variety of specific kinds of compositions, including essay answers and research papers. Paper, 372 pages. Has a corner crease. #63355

Workbook V for Handbook of Grammar and Composition
(Abeka) - The workbook emphasizes editing and revising. Students learn how to choose the right words and how to compose correct and effective sentences. The exercises are structured in such a way that the students are repeatedly required to go through the editing and revising phases of the writing process in much the same way that a professional writer does. There are also exercises on using the library and on writing paragraphs and paraphrases, as well as review exercises on grammar and mechanics. #73474

Workbook V for Handbook of Grammar and Composition Teacher Key (Abeka) - Copy of Workbook V with answers. #73563

Workbook V Test and Quiz Book (Abeka) - Contains quizzes and tests to correlate with the Handbook of Grammar and Composition. Missing pages. #73571

Workbook V Test and Quiz Key (Abeka) -Copy of test and quiz book with answers and suggested point values. Shows the same tests/quizzes as book #73571 but with the answers included (you could use to replace #73571 pages; just white-out the answers). The book was printed with the cover upside down, which is purely cosmetic. A couple of pages are spotted. #73733

Set of 4 Level V Grammar Books (Handbook, workbook, workbook key, test/quiz book, test/quiz key) - $48.25 $34.00

Modern Display Alphabets - 100 Complete Fonts selected and arranged by Paul E. Kennedy from the Franklin Photolettering Catalogue (Dover) - Contains 100 contemporary display alphabets: upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation. This book currently sells for $12.95 by Dover, but my copy was printed in 1974 and cost $3.50. Cover has a crease.

Paper, 112 pages.

#097X $3.50 $2.99

Natural Speller (Design-a-Study) by Kathryn Stout - Teaching strategies include additional tips for use with the learning disabled, and word lists are organized by both sight and sound patterns. Build vocabulary skills with Latin and Greek roots and word lists, and by using the spelling rules to add prefixes and suffixes to root words. Choose from among the suggested activities to include practice with grammar, dictionary, and composition skills. Phonic, spelling, and punctuation rules are listed for easy reference. Word lists are divided by grade, 1 through 8. However, this method is easily adapted for older students or adults who need remedial work. Because of its multi-sensory and simplified approach to spelling, and because each child can work at his own pace, this program is good for students with learning disabilities.

Paper, 92 pages. 11" x 8 ½" x ¼". 1989 edition. $22.00 $7.99

Teaching Writing: Structure and Style (The Institute for Excellence in Writing) by Andrew Pudewa - The set includes the full teacher training course on six DVDs (12 hours plus practicum assignments), along with three 2-hour demonstration lessons showing the first step of the process being taught to students at three different grade levels. The accompanying Seminar Workbook becomes your syllabus and teaching manual.

You will learn how to teach your student to outline and summarize, add style to their writing, create stories, produce reports, write critiques, develop essays, and put into writing the information they have hidden in their brain. In this way you can have your students write about what they are learning in history, science, and literature.

Unit I: Note Making and Outlines, Unit II: Summarizing from Notes, Builds on Unit I by showing students how to summarize their notes and improve their writing with descriptive adjectives, adverbs, and more. Unit III: Narrative Stories. Shows students a basic story structure and develops their ability to write stories using familiar stories as models. Units IV and VI: Summarizing References & Library Reports. Prepare students to take notes from their sources and write library research reports without pain and agony. Unit V: Writing from Pictures. Uniquely taps students' creative energies by writing stories from a series of one to three pictures. Unit VII: Creative Writing. Gives students a method to "get information out of their brain" to use when writing anything, from those summer vacation essays to a decent letter to Grandma. Unit VIII: Essay Writing. Provides students with the skill of writing formal essays of five or more paragraphs, developing the foundation for high school and university writing. Unit IX: Critique Writing. Concludes the course, teaching a solid structure for book reports, reviews, and critiques.

I want to sell this program along with one of the TRISMS units I'm selling. If you are interested, let me know.

#IEW $169.00 $135.00

Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III, 4th ed. Text (Abeka) -
28 weekly lists of 20 spelling words and 10 vocabulary words. There are 4 quarterly reviews. Spelling words apply 4 basic spelling rules and 7 keys to good spelling, as well as frequently misspelled words. Many of the vocabulary words are from the A Beka Book literature texts. Exercises provide written practice with the words. Analogy instruction and practice included. Some pages have writing (in pencil). #71811

Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III, 4th ed. Teacher Key (Abeka) - Teacher Key includes a copy of student text with answers, teaching ideas, vocabulary mastery helps, poetry goals, and sentence bank for vocabulary and spelling words. #71838

Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III Quizzes, 4th ed. (Abeka) - many of the pages have been removed. #71846

Vocabulary, Spelling, Poetry III QuizzesTeacher Key, 4th ed. (Abeka) - Copy of quiz book with answers and suggested point values. #71854

All 4 Vocabulary  III Books (text, teacher key, quizzes, quizzes key). $35.00 $18.00

Vocabulary Spelling V, 4th ed. (Abeka) - 12 units filled with in-depth vocabulary studies, spelling lists, and practice exercises. A word analyzer made up of Greek and Latin prefixes, roots, and suffixes, as well as pre-tests, is included for each unit.  #73520 $9.50

Vocabulary Spelling V Teacher Key (Abeka) - Teacher Key includes the student text with answers, teaching notes for effective teaching methods, ideas for testing student progress, and explanations for the Verbal Analogy exercises. #73962 $12.75

Vocabulary Spelling V Quiz Book - Contains quizzes and review quizzes. Some pages removed. #73970 $5.00

Vocabulary Spelling V Quiz Key (Abeka) - Copy of quiz book with answers and suggested point values. #73792 $9.00

All 4 Vocabulary V books (text, teacher key, quiz book, and quiz key). $36.25 $25.00

Wordsmith by Janie B. Cheaney - For young people who want to improve their writing skills, step-by-step instructions are provided that will help any writer improve his techniques. The introduction provides a brief review of grammar followed by instruction on building stronger sentences, exercise in descriptive and narrative writing, creating dialogue, story writing, and writing from a particular point of view. Plus, the essential skills of every good writer, practice in proofreading and revising.

The exercises have been filled in on the first 28 pages. Most of the writing is in pencils.

Paper, 106 pages. Ages 12+. #3185 $16.00 $5.00


The Next 3 R's: Reasoning, Responsibility and Righteousness by Janet Lathan. A curriculum guide for homeschoolers designed to help  set goals. Religious focus. Good condition. Paper, 46 pages. $2.00

Nursing Your Baby by Karen Pryor - With its unique blend of support, science, and research, this classic guide will continue to encourage mothers to nurse their babies as long as they both desire. 1973 edition. Paper, 289 pages. Very good condition. 2 copies.
#2151 $4.50 $2.00

Home and Garden

America by Design by Spiro Kostof - From Publishers Weekly: This companion volume to a Public Television Series by the same name presents a panorama of towns and cities across the American continent. Kostof (A History of Architecture) set himself the task of scanning "the fabric of man-made America," seeking a pattern that could illuminate who we are as a people. Individual chapters focus on the house, the workplace, the street, the public domain and the contours of the land. Kostof, whose earlier book is considered the standard work in the field, sees in the design of our environment from the banal to the beautiful, Frank Lloyd Wright houses to suburban tract housing, office cubicles to state capitols, social consequences that reveal much about us as a nation. This ambitious undertaking, supplemented with 300 photographs, provides an impressive tour of America's built environment. Kostof is professor of architectural history. Good condition. Hardcover, 385 pages. #2832 $24.95 $5.00

Christmas Joys to Craft & Stitch
Ornaments, needlepoint, cross-stitch, crochet and more. Excellent condition. Hardcover, 80 pages. #4300 $5.00

Classy Knitting: A Guide to Creative Sweatering for Beginners
- Presents the basic techniques of knitting and guides the beginner in creating an original sweater using simple knits and purls and adding stripes, textures, ribbing, and ruffles. Good condition. Jacket edge is slightly damaged. Hardcover, 127 pages. #1062 $3.00

Complete Handyman Encyclopedia - Two books: Abrasives to Automobiles and Barbeques to Boats. A compilation of new and previously published special-interest projects and manuals for the repair and care of homes, auto, appliances, hobby equipment. Excellent condition. Hardcover, 314 total pages for both books. $2.00

Crafting with Potpourri and Other Things of Fragrance. Paper, 54 pages. $1.00

Hearts: the Art of Making Gifts of Love and Affection by Bawden, Juliet -
More than forty romantic ideas for homemade craft projects & recipes, all inspired by the heart symbol. Full color book filled with ideas & instructions. Dust jacket itsby-bitsy tear at top of spine. Hardcover, 128 pages. #9600 $5.00

The Home Book: A Guide to Safety Security, & Savings in the Home, publisher: Center for Study of Responsive Law. Covers issues such as safety & security, indoor air pollution, repairs & remodeling, resources, and more. Good condition. Some marks. Paper, 160 pages.
#8260 $8.00 $2.00

How to Design & Remodel Children's Rooms (date published: 1988) - This practical guide helps parents plan and design children's rooms that are more than just places to go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning. Useful ideas for the creative and efficient use of space are aimed at providing children with a stimulating environment. Illustrated. Cover is wrinkled and there are library stickers (withdrawn). Paper, 96 pages. #143X $3.00

How to Grow Roses: Over 350 Varieties (Sunset) -
Good condition, small crease on cover. Paper, 96 pages. #3656 $2.00

The Luscher Color Test: The Remarkable Test That Reveals Your Personality Through Color edited by Dr Max Luscher. #1459 $5.95 $2.00

Nature in Needlepoint: A Unique Tribute to Wildlife -
Twenty magnificent subjects from the animal world, complete with color-keyed graphs and needlepoint instruction. Book in great shape but jacket has some tears. Hardcover, 125 pages. #0811 $3.00

Nontoxic, Natural, & Earthwise: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family from Harmful Products and Live in Harmony with the Earth, 2nd edition by Debra Lynn Dadd. Lots of tips, ideas and resources. Cover is scuffed and has some writing on it and the inside has some underlining/notes. Paper, 360 pages. #5841 $12.95 $3.00

Color Calligraphy Projects by Manda Hanson - This kit covers the art of decorative calligraphy--from illuminating letters and initials to stenciling cards, mats, and spectacular borders. Includes book, watercolor and gold paint, alphabets for decorating, and 16 pages of colored paper, grids, stencils, and templates. One nib and the paintbrush are missing. Book is in excellent condition. Hardcover. #7592 $19.95 $9.00

The following books were written in the 1960's/1970's, but they still have ideas/designs that are useful today:

Container and Hanging Gardens (Ortho) - Good condition. Paper, 97 pages. $2.99

Do-it-yourself Garden Construction Know-How - Light crease on cover. Paper, 96 pages. $1.00

Eating Better for Less: A Guide to Managing Your Personal Food Supply (Rodale Press) -
The chapters cover: What's Wrong with America's Food; The Basics of Nutrition; Improving Your Diet; Growing Your Own Food; Raising Livestock; Buying the Best Food; Preserving Food; Turning Your Kitchen into a Food Processing Center and; Using Your Food Supply More Efficiently. Good condition. Paper, 467 pages. #2066 $2.00

Low-Cost, Energy-Efficient Shelter for the Owner and Builder edited by Eugene Eccli - Section 1 helps you discover housing alternatives, Section 2 shows you how to lower the cost of a home, Section 3 explains how to lower your operating expenses, Section 4 describes how you can work with nature, and Section 5 puts it all together. Very good condition. Hardcover, 408 pages. #1140 $5.00

The Practical Handyman's Encyclopedia, Volume 1: Additions to Barbeques - Written in 1965. If nothing else, this is a fun look at the style of repairs and renovations of the time period. Hardcover. $1.00

Sunset Homeowner's Guide to Solar Heating & Cooling - Fair condition. Cover wrinkled, inside pages in good condition. Library stickers (withdrawn). Paper, 96 pages. #5233 $2.00

Sunset Ideas for Hanging Gardens - Good Condition. Paper, 80 pages. #3118 $2.50

Gardening in Containers
(a Sunset Book) - Good condition. Paper, 96 pages. #4382 $2.00

Village Homes' Solar House designs: A Collection of 43 Energy-Conscious House Designs by Bainbridge, Corbett, Hofacre. Black & white illustrations. Cover has some slight wrinkling. Paper, 188 pages. #2619 $2.00

Woman's Day Prize Winning Quilts, Coverlets, & Afghans - A one-of-a-Kind collection to sew, embroider, knit and crochet, complete with step-by-step instructions and invaluable tips. Hardcover, 255 pages. Jacket cover has some small tears. #0912 $19.95 $4.99


All of these magazines are high quality. Our children enjoyed these and more throughout their childhood, and I feel they played an important role in their education. If you would like the exact dates of the magazines, let me know.

New Moon Magazine: The Magazine for Young Girls and Their Dreams - "Edited by girls ages 8-14, New Moon is the ad-free, international, bi-monthly magazine that is an inspiration at any age. Girl contributors from around the world give voice to their dreams and intellect through fiction, poetry, artwork, letters, and articles on different cultures and enterprises. New Moon explores the passage from being girls to becoming women and helps build healthy resilience for the many challenges girls face." I have 24 copies of this great magazine that are in pristine condition. They are from 2003 through 2007 (with one sample issue from 1993). A one-year subscription is currently $34.95 and back issues are $5.50 each. Visit for more information. The total value of this collection of 24 issues would be $132. Our price: $40.00


Rainbow Laces - 12 tough nylon laces in six bright colors. Two inch plastic tips make stringing easier. 36" long. To be used to link cubes and other math manipulatives, but you can also use them for crafts. #36312 $7.99

Scout Material

Boy Scout Fieldbook - This is a guide to preparedness, an integral part of the Boy Scouts. It provides information and techniques on rugged outdoor living. It has information on maps and using a compass, camping and the accompanying gear, tools, rope-work, fires, cooking, physical fitness, winter camping, and survival. Also includes plant kingdom, animal kingdom, conserving resources, the earth, weather, and other information. Excellent condition. A great resource for anyone, not just boys. Paper, 630 pages. Third Edition, 1984-2004. #2008 $15.00

The Scoutmaster Handbook, 9th edition, 1998-present and Advancement Committee Policies and Procedures. Both 8.5x11" in size, three-hole punched and in a ring binder. $5.00

Boy Scout Requirements y2K (2000) - Requirements for merit badges, ranks, and Eagle Palms. A bit outdated but may be of interest to the collector. Pristine condition. Paper, 208 pages. $3.00

Junior Girl Scout Handbook and Badge Book - Two-book set enclosed in a slipcase. Lots of ideas and activities for anyone, not just girl scouts. Pristine condition. $21.50 $14.00

Junior Girl Scout Handbook - A comprehensive overview of the best activities including planning trips and service projects, skills needed for a safe and healthy lifestyle, and more. Same as book in above set but in a slightly more used condition and just the one book. Still very usable. #2000 $5.00

I also have some scout clothing and accessories. Let me know if you are interested.


Kids Travel: A Backseat Survival Kit (Klutz) -
A full-color, cardstock book of filled with games, lyrics, crafts instructions, puzzles and many other activities. Included is a 100-page activity pad jammed with dozens of dot-to-dots, crosswords, mazes and such. A zippered vinyl pouch that has some of the items needed to do the things described.

Used. Some of the pieces are missing and some of the activities completed. However, there are lots of activities not done and plenty of things to do. It's a great kit.

#7714 $19.95 $8.00

Large Playing Cards for Kids  -
special set of 54 cards that is based on the standard 52-card playing deck plus two jokers. The cards are brightly colored and oversized, with big type. $4.00

Dinosaur Math
(Macmillan Early Skills) - Contains dinosaur counters, a folding paper game board, and a teaching guide. The teaching guide offers an array of activities for children to use the colorful prehistoric miniatures to sort, create patterns, and tell stories. The set originally contained 48 dinosaurs but now only has 40. Dinosaurs included: triceratops, brachiosaurus, tyrannosaurus, stegosaurus, pteranodon and dimetrodon. In blue, red, yellow, green. For ages 4 and up (not suitable for ages 3 and under because of small parts). $5.00

Moneycents Board Game - Players race around the board, collecting and paying money as they go. Along the way, they will undertake basic money transactions, such as making change or summing combinations of coins. Trivia questions along the way ask players to solve money math problems in order to earn more cash. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins. Teaches basic money skills. Three levels of play, ages 5+

Missing die, board has crease. $19.99 $8.00

Moneywise Kids (Aristoplay) - Teach your child the meaning of money with two fun math games. Math skills covered: counting bills in denominations of $1 to $100, exchanging smaller bills for larger bills of equal value, making correct change, addition, subtraction, multiples, place value, budgeting and money management. Includes: 2 game boards, 16 moneywise markers, 2 dice. The game is missing the "play" money, so you will need to get some separately. Ages 7+, 2 players. #8087 $12.00 $6.00

Mother Goose Says (Aristoplay Game) - Learn 27 well-known nursery rhymes with this game. Includes: Play, Listen,& Learn audio cassette,4 illustrated game boards, and 2 game playing pieces Mother Goose. Out of print. Has all of the pieces. Box is wrinkled and has a small stain. #0132 $7.00

Pictionary Junior: The Game of Quick Draw for Kids is the game where clues are sketched and teammates have to quickly guess the word. And it's designed especially for kids ages 7 to 12. Each card also has a theme that gives a hint to the word being sketched. You don't have to be an artist to play - all you need is a little imagination and a fast pencil.  Creative play in a charades type game.  For 3 or more players. Ages 8-12. Has the game board, playing pieces, one of the pencils, and all of the game cards. Does not have the pad of paper (easy to supply your own), one of the pencils (ditto), the die (ditto) or timer (ditto). #474316 $29.99 $5.00

The Puzzle Arcade: For People Who Like Lots of Hints (a Klutz book with attached pieces) by Jerry Slocum  - Here it is, the most overjammed, overstuffed, over-the-top collection of mechanical mysteries and puzzling perplexities that has ever been published in the history of puzzledom. In, on, under, around and through The Puzzle Arcade readers will find scads of mechanical puzzles, riddles, mazes, mysteries, thought-provoking problems and at least two flat-out impossibilities. A couple of pieces are missing from the kit. Out of print. #056X $19.95 $8.00

Rook - Beware the power of the rook! That tricky black bird can foil plans and smash strategies. The Rook deck contains 57 cards with four suits colored black, red, green and yellow. In each suit the cards are numbered from 1 to 14. The 57th card is the rook card, which carries a picture of the bird. Rook is a fun, trick-taking card game that is similar to Hearts and Bridge (Some have even called it Pinochle with training wheels). One web site I visited says that "it is likely that Rook cards were introduced for the benefit of members of fundamentalist protestant religions, such as the Mennonites, who considered (and in some cases still consider) playing cards to be the 'devil's tool'." Rook was okay, though, because it played like cards but did not use the standard playing card deck. My husband already had the game when someone gifted us with this one. It's new and still in the shrink wrap. $5.00

Scattergories Electronic Game Platinum Edition (Milton Bradley) - Building upon the traditional Scattergories game play, players are challenged to identify words within categories in the goal of coming up with more words than the opposing team before time runs out. Teams choose from two skill levels and three games where either letters change, categories change or both for all-out verbal challenge. Ages: Adult Players: 2 or more players/teams. Needs batteries. No print instructions. $5.00

Sudoku Puzzles for Kids by Marion Appelquist - T
his self published book takes the popular 9x9 Sudoku Puzzles and scales them down to kid sized 3x3 and 4x4 puzzles. The book has been kid tested and is very popular with kids ages 6-9. Stickers are included for the last 2 puzzles. The author is an experienced teacher of physics and math. Paper, 25 pages. $5.00

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire board game
- Based on the popular game show. Includes fake money, game cards, question & answer consoles, and lifeline tokens.

2-5 players or teams, 12+.

#MIL $10.00


Classic Oldies PC Karaoke Volume 3041. $2.00

Corel Professional Photos: Egypt (CD-Rom). $2.00

Exploring Aeronautics CD-Rom
- This exciting educational CD-ROM offers an introduction to aeronautics, covers the fundamentals of flight, contains a historical time, examines different types of aircraft and teaches students to use the tools of aeronautics used by researchers to test aircraft designs. For Mac and PC.

Our House - The Family Circus Comics CD-Rom -
Bill Keane's famed "Family Circus" newspaper cartoon characters take kids on a tour of a house much like your own. They'll see objects in various rooms come alive ... learn the names and discover how they work.
Systems: Windows. $2.00

Highlights Interactive CD-ROM Windows/Windows 95 and Macintosh
. My Own Page - Use the color palette, patterns and more to create your own custom artwork that can be printed and saved. Rebus Stories - Check out the four different sections and multiple skill levels by clicking on the appropriate buttons. Goofus & Gallant Game - It's easy, just follow the on-screen instructions and play against the computer or with your friends. Hidden Pictures - Click on hidden objects within the picture and watch them fill-in. Helpful hints will guide you. Science Corner - Click on an object within the nature picture for Questions & Answers. #2691 $19.95 $5.00

UFO CD-Rom by Softkey Int'l.  Windows. $2.00

The Way Things Work 2.0 CD-Rom  - Based on David Macaulay's best-selling book. Through animation and audio, his wonderful illustrations are brought to life before your eyes--you can actually see and hear how things work. Inventions come to life with a click of the mouse. For PC's. $5.00

50 DS/HD 3.5" Diskettes IBM Formatted. Max. capacity 1.44 MG. New, still shrink-wrapped in packaging. Great for older computers or to make a high-tech craft. #PK50 $10.00


Best Grandma Hands Down T-shirt with imprint "Best Grandma ... Hands Down." Includes paints to add handprints, gift card, and directions. 

Bindi by Beth Margetts - tips from a professional makeup artist on how to apply Bindis and kum kum powder. Paper, 63 pages. #3985 $2.00

Box of Pony Beads
For crafts like beadie babies, jewelry, etc. $5.00

Castleland Theatre and Puppet Kit (a Lauri product) - The original kit contained a cardboard castle which we no longer have. What's left? The felt body-shapes for a horse and three complete human puppets, plus some additional felt shapes and yarn for sewing. The box shows photos of the different characters that you can use as a guide. The felt shapes have holes for children to stitch the shapes together. You could use this kit to help a child with fine motor skills or beginning sewing. Suggested for ages 5-9. #2541 50 cents

Chocolate Change (Curiosity Kits) - Did you know that cocoa beans beans (which are used to make chocolate) were once exchanged like money? Learn about this, and other crazy currency, before you use the supplies inside this kit to make dozens of edible coins of your own. Just melt colored chocolate, "paint" into a plastic mold, and fill it with more melted chocolate. Wrap the finished coins in foil, then stash your cash in the included drawstring treasure sack. Materials: plastic mold, chocolate wafers, foil wrappers, muslin bag, mixing cups, brushes, and illustrated instructions. New kit, box still shrink-wrapped. I'm not sure how long we've had this kit and am unsure of the quality of the chocolate wafers. #2043 $15.00 $5.00

Collection of Crochet Patterns
- Six patterns and magazines. Most consist of patterns using mercerized cotton and include patterns for: Victorian ornaments, crocheted collars, wedding accessories, doilies and placemats, antimacassars, and more. Set for $5.00

Collection of Cross-Stitch Patterns - Eight booklets and one calendar with a project for each month. The booklets contain several projects based on a theme. Each booklet retailed for about $3.00 each (the calendar was $9.95). Set for $8.00

Collection of Knitting Patterns and Magazines
- Fifteen patterns and magazines (the magazines include patterns). Included with the collection is a 41-page booklet called "Knitting Primer," and it includes 100 easy-to-knit stitches. Originally cost about $40.
Set for $10.00

Collection of Needlework & Crafts Magazines - Four different magazines, some vintage. They are dated as follows:1975/76, 1984, 1989, and 1991. $4.00

Collection of Vintage Needlework Magazines/Patterns - Popular Needlework (1969); Sweaters to Crow About (looks like it's from the 1950's); Exciting Jiffy-Lace (1970's); Teach Yourself to Knit the Easy Way (1968). Set for $5.00

Simplicity Slipcover Pattern #7485
. Slipcovers for chair, ottoman, and couch. Unused. #7485 $6.95 $3.00

The Doll Book: Soft Dolls and Creative Free Play by Karin Neuschutz - The book's first half discusses how children play at different ages, how they are affected by their environment and by the people near them. Its second half gives detailed instructions on how to make a variety of simple-to-make soft cloth dolls that activate the impulses toward imaginative free play in both child and adult (Waldorf-style dolls). Cover has some damage. Paper, 184 pages. #4019 $8.95 $5.00

Felt Bears - Set of four felt bears ready to cut out and sew. Panda, koala, polar, and brown bear. Can make into stuffed animals or puppets. $2.00

Quick and Easy Knit & Crochet by Leslie Lindsey -  Includes a wide variety of 65 projects that are good for beginners as well as advanced needleworkers. Some projects: baby's blanket, "surprise pocket" child's scarf, hats, log cabin afghan, edgings for towels, teddy bear, mouse slippers, and more. Copyright 1983. Still has jacket cover, which has some creases and tears. Hardcover, 160 pages. #0472 $18.95 $5.00

Tuck-Me-In Stadium Blanket Kit. (To-Sew Kit) - Beginner sewing level. To-Sew Tuck-Me-In "stadium blankets are warm, cozy, adaptable, and practical. Snap into a cuddly cape, or stay dry under the Bobbin Hood. When not in use, fold the generously-sized 60" x 54" blanket into a self-closing pillow! You'll use this quality blanket everywhere: at the game, at the beach, in the car, or just to curl up and watch TV." Kits includes fabric, thread, heavy-duty snaps, and detailed instructions.

Kit Features:
• Tuck-Me-In Pillow Pocket™
• Bobbin Hood™
• Snaps into a Cape

I have two kits. One has a camouflage pattern, the other has a cheeta pattern.

$10.00 each

Oriental Trading Christmas Craft Kits - These are easy kits for children to put together. There are two snowman ring toss games,  a tic-tac-toe snowman game, and a small bear picture frame. All you need is glue to assemble. Also included is a snowman paddleboard game where you color in the pictures. 4 items. $1.50

Bad Badtz-Maru Art Pad
(Sanrio) - Pad with 24 sheets of blank paper and two pages of Badtz-Maru graphics. 50 cents

Eight small grapevine wreaths - About 4" in diameter. Great to use for decorating, crafts. $2.00

Bag of Wool (good for stuffing dolls) $1.00

Bag of Scrap Felt $1.00

My Very Own Photo Frames Kit - Contains two easily assembled, ready-to-decorate frames with instructions. Final frames are approximately 4 3/4" x 4 1/4". One is star-shaped and the other is balloon-shaped. Needs Elmer's decorative color glue to complete. $1.00

Silk Scrap Bag (Sarah's Silks) - for craft projects, mobiles, doll-making, fairies and more. Nine rainbow colors. A total of 1/2 square yard of silk. Never used. $5.95 $5.00

Bucket of Snowflake-Shaped Foam Stickers - Various sizes and colors. Full bucket.
#3780 $7.99 $6.00

Rubber Stamps

I'd forgotten that we went through a stamping faze!

A Rubber Stamp Build-a-Book - Includes: A 24-page book which contains funny stories for children to complete with their own words and stamped illustrations, plus a pictures, puzzles, and other activities designed to stimulate kids' creativity; rubber stamps (originally had 90 but four are missing); 3-color ink pad, stamping sponge, and 6 colored pencils. The book is used but not completely filled. You could possibly white-out the filled in portions, but the main feature of this item is the quantity of rubber stamps that can be used for a variety of projects. The ink pad still works but not at full strength. #8300 $17.95 $7.00

Stamp-a-Story - a set of 30 stamps with a family theme. Originally 33 stamps in the set. Has a mom, dad, boy, girl, dog, cat, etc. The stamping side of each stamp is in great condition, but the other side (with a sticker depicting what's on the other side) has smudges of ink, etc. Cute! $2.00

Bag of Dinosaur Stamps - Includes a variety of dinosaurs (stamps are of varying sizes) and some accompanying stamps of volcanoes, plants, etc. 24 stamps total. $4.00

Bag of stamps - includes 41 small stamps. They are different parts of human & animal faces, feet, hats, etc. Designed for creating zany creatures. $1.50

Bag of 14 animal/insect stamps $1.00

Bag of stamps - 16 assorted odds and ends. $1.00

Sister Stamp - This is a large rubber stamp (6"x3") that includes a scene with a small table, chair and arrangement of flowers. Surrounding the scene is the phrase - in script - Dear sister, through the years of joy and tears God provides and sees us through. What a special gift He gave when He gave me you. Unused. Excellent condition. $12.99 $3.00


Aero Foldable Scooter - barely used. Does have some scratches from use, though. $25.00

Container of Crazy Bones collectible game pieces (23 total). In a red, plastic, clip-on coffin container, the original container for these items. Go to for more details on these items.

#CB $2.00

Fisher-Price Baseball Set
- This set was designed to teach children how to play baseball. The set comes with a bounce-back t-ball stand and a plastic bat (the plastic ball has disappeared). I have a little baseball glove that I can add. The t-ball stand has a permanently attached home plate to support the upright ball stand. Designed for children ages 3 to 6 years old. $1.50

Lego Time Portal
- a prop for Lego playing. $2.00

Remote-control Baby Godzilla - about 7" tall. Uses batteries. $1.00

Set of Pez Dispensers - Garfield, Gray cat from Garfield strip, Batman. I also have a Nintendo character that's a "flik" dispenser.
All 4 for $1.00

Limited Edition Tumble Tree Timbers - Wooden box on wheels filled with 400 wooden pieces for all kinds of fun construction.

New and unused. Ages 4+. $25.00



An American in Paris - classic musical with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron. Best picture 1951. Contains the original theatrical trailer.
VHS tape, 1 hour 15 minutes. $2.00

Awesome Ships - Ride on a huge ferry boat full of cars, visit the bridge of a ship and see how it's controlled, and learn many other things about shipboard life.
VHS, Approx. 30 minutes. $2.00

A.M. Yoga for Beginners with Rodney Yee
(Yoga Journal) - Easy-to-use beginners program. A complete 20-minute workout with gentle yoga poses and stretches that energize you for the day. VHS #1873 $2.00

Bach and Broccoli
is the award-winning story of Fanny, an orphan girl who is forced to leave her sick grandmother and live with her bachelor uncle. Although Uncle John protests, Fanny moves in along with her pet skunk, Broccoli. It's a heartwarming story of love and family. Winner of 13 international awards. VHS tape, 96 minutes, color. Close captioned. $5.00

Beethoven -
Barely escaping from nefarious dognappers, an adorable puppy named Beethoven adopts the unsuspecting Newton family - and promptly grows up into 185 pounds of romping, drooling, disaster-prone St. Bernard. It's head-over-tails adventure in this fun canine comedy.

VHS, 1 hour 27 minutes, color.  $2.00

Beethoven Lives Upstairs -
Young Christoph is convinced his mother has rented out the upstairs room to a madman. That boarder is Ludwig Van Beethoven who is busy composing his Ninth Symphony, one of his greatest works. The boy and the cantankerously eccentric deaf composer eventually meet and Christoph begins to see the softer side of Beethoven as his music begins to win the boy over.
VHS tape, 52 minutes, color. Close captioned. $18.98 $5.00

Behind the Scenes with Julie Taymor -
Julie Taymor, the director of the much acclaimed Broadway hit The Lion King, here creates an extraordinary kind of visual theatre using puppets, masks and music.

Behind the Scenes brings the magic and mystery of artistic creation to video. Hosted by magicians Penn and Teller, this award-winning series goes behind the scenes to discover the creative process with renowned artists including painter David Hockney, jazz percussionist Max Roach and theatre director Julie Taymor.

Behind the Scenes is an exciting and fun exploration for children and adults alike into the world of painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, music, dance and theater.

VHS tape, 30 minutes, color. $14.95 $2.00

Buns of Steel Set with Tamilee Webb: Buns of Steel 3, Abs of Steel, Legs of Steel -
Running Time: 111 minutes total. 3 VHS tapes. #0293 $2.00

Buns & Thighs of Steel 2000 with Leisa Hart - Intense lower body toning plus aerobics for weight loss. Running time: approximately 50 minutes.
#4499 $1.00

Denise Austin's Hit the Spot Abs: 3 Quick Tummy Tightening Workouts -
Running time: 30 minutes. #8718 $1.00

How to Draw Blitz Cartoons - Running Time: 60 minutes. Cardboard case is missing.
VHS. $1.00

Fahrenheit 451 - This 1966 classic with Julie Christie explores a future where books are forbidden. Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper burns, and that is what happens when the main character - Fireman Montag - destroys illegal books found in the possession of citizens. He begins to question society's rules against reading and independent thought and eventually becomes a fugitive. Explores the idea of censorship, individual rights, intellectual freedom. Running time: 1 hour, 52 minutes. Not rated. Included is another VHS tape: Ray Bradbury, an American Icon. It is a biography of the author, with interviews of his friends and associates, footage at his homes, personal anecdotes, and more.
#1974 $10.00

I Can Dance: Introduction to Ballet for Children -
I Can Dance! introduces children to the wonderful world of ballet and the joys of dance. Professional dancer Debra Maxwell has designed this video specifically for girls and boys by following a child's first ballet lesson. The program include the Five Basic Positions, Barre and Center work to familiarize your child with both the fun and technique of ballet.  Program: 1. Introduction to the ballet studio. 2. Five basic ballet positions. 3. Basic barre workplies, tendus, degages, rond de jambe and grands battements. 4. Open discussion with children about ballet 5. Center work - chasse/skipping. VHS tape. 30 minutes, color. $19.95 $5.00

King Tut: Tomb of Treasure
takes you into the ancient shrine, and to the Cairo Museum and the New Orleans Museum of Art, for a rare glimpse at the magnificent artifacts that were buried with young King Tut. Packed with information and beautiful footage. Narrated by Allen Ludden.

VHS tape, 24 minutes, color.  $5.00

Learning Addition: An Arithmetic Series for Grades K-3
(Video Tutor) with Lorraine Bryant - Lessons: Addition with sums of 10 or less, number line addition, addition with sums from 11-20, addition of 3 numbers, adding two digit addends, adding two digit addends with regrouping. VHS, approximately 60 minutes. $14.95 $7.50

Learning Subtraction: An Arithmetic Series for Grades K-3
(Video Tutor) with Lorraine Bryant - Lessons: Subtraction with differences of 10 or less, number line subtraction, subtraction using numbers less than 20, subtraction of two digit numbers, subtraction of two digit numbers with regrouping. Still shrinkwrapped.
VHS, approximately 60 minutes. $14.95 $7.50

Buy both the Video Tutor addition and subtraction videos above for $10.

The Lorax (Dr Seuss) Sing-Along Classics -
This VHS is an adaptation of the Dr. Seuss book about pollution and environmental damage. It's a story of greed and the damage it does to the environment. The Lorax is a creature that once lived in a beautiful place. When Mr. Once-Ler comes along and starts cutting down trees to make the useless but profitable Thneeds , the Lorax voices expresses his concern. Eventually, the land becomes a wasteland. All the trees are cut down; the factory has closed; the animals, birds, and fish have fled; and the air is polluted. The fate of the Lorax is put in the hands of a young child at the end, when the chastened Once-Ler gives him the last tree seed, saying: "Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing will change."  Ages 5+.
VHS, 30 minutes, color. 1972. $5.00

The Nutcracker
The American Ballet Theatre and Mikhail Baryshnikov. THE Nutcracker! VHS Tape, 1 hour 19 minutes, color, 1977.  $5.00

The Nutcracker -
a retelling of the classic, featuring actor Macaulay Culkin (of Home Alone fame). VHS tape, color, 1994. Rated G. $1.00

One on One Abs Workout (Candice Copeland) Running time: 30 minutes. VHS. #3654 $2.00

Peak Performance Yoga with Rod Stryker -
Increase strength, stamina, and creative energy. #1257 $3.00

The Firm Total Body Workout: Abs, Hips & Thighs
- Target your most hard-to-tone areas with aerobics and weights. VHS. #0087 $2.00

The Firm Total Body Workout: Body Sculpting Basics - 2-in-1 aerobic weight training workout. Running time: 60 minutes. VHS. #0044 $2.00

The Firm Total Body Workout: Low Impact Aerobics - For beginner and advanced. Running time: 65 minutes. VHS. #0052 $2.00

John & Julie
In the summer of 1953, people from all over the world came to Great Britain. Their goal was London, and their purpose was to see the Coronation of a Queen. In John & Julie, two children from the English countryside decide they too want to see the event of the century, but their parents would rather watch it on t.v. So, taking matters into their own hands, they borrow horses and bikes, sneak onto trains, buses and autos, and walk to the great city of London. Features actual scenes from the Coronation. Also features Peter Sellers. Originally copyrighted in 1955, then renewed. Currently out of print.

VHS tape, 82 minutes, color. $14.95 $10.00

Kathy Smith's Ultimate Stomach & Thighs Workout - Running time: 85 minutes.
#6298 $1.00

Magic School Bus: Inside the Haunted House (Scholastic) - Topic: sound. The class is thrilled about their upcoming concert at the Sound Museum...until they discover that the spooky mansion is more of a thrill than they bargained for. VHS tape, 30 minutes, color. $2.00

The Mayflower Pilgrims - Towards the end of the 16th Century, in a quiet corner of England, well away from the mainstream of Elizabethan life, an apparently insignificant religious movement emerged. It was composed of a small band of largely anonymous people who believed in a simple form of worship, away from the ritualized trappings of the established Church of the day. These people were known as Separatists.

No one then could possibly have guessed what a huge impact these faithful Christians would have on world history. But when, in 1620, after years of sacrifice and hardship, they arrived on the shores of the New World in a tiny ship, they carried in their hearts a set of beliefs which would form the bedrock values for the world's most powerful democracy... America, a nation engendered by the idea of freedom, and expression, of religious belief.

History has given these remarkable people a name... The Mayflower Pilgrims. This is their story.

VHS tape, 43 minutes, color. $24.95 $7.00

Pilates: Beginning Mat Workout VHS with Ana Caban (Living Arts). Flatten abs, strengthen back muscles, improve posture. Running time: 40 minutes. VHS. #3605 $5.00

Really Wild Animals: Swinging Safari (National Geographic Kids Video) -Come along on a wild African safari with Spin, National Geographic's animated globe-on-the-go. From the Serengeti Plain to the Kalahari Desert, experience amazing ways that animals like cheetahs, crocodiles, rhinos, and elephants survive. Narrated by Dudley Moore as the voice of Spin.

Ages 4-10. VHS tape, 44 minutes, color. $14.95 $5.00

Rugrats: Tommy Troubles - 4 cartoons plus 3 classic shorts. VHS. $1.00

Samurai Jack: The Premiere Movie - The premiere movie that launched the Cartoon Network series of the same name. Includes bonus episode and behind-the-scenes look at the movie. For anime fans. VHS tape, 70 minutes, color. $2.00

The Santa Clause with Tim Allen - Rooftop clatter leads to adventure after Santa falls down on the job, and Scott Calvin's son convinces dad to try on the red suit. Soon dad must accept all of Santa's duties. Tape is fine, box is a little wrinkled. Comedy. Rated PG. Running time: 97 minutes. #0442 $3.00

The Secret Garden (The Best of the BBC) VHS tape, 107 minutes, color. $5.00

Singing in the Rain VHS - Classic movie with Gene Kelly, Donal O'Connor & Debbie Reynolds. VHS tape, 1 hour 43 minutes, Color, 1952. Rated G. $2.00

There Goes a Spaceship - J
oin astronauts Becky and Dave for a super charged look at real spaceships and space travel. Kids will visit the Kennedy Space Center and Space camp, experience the challenges of living in space and find out what it takes to be a NASA astronaut. They will learn about the many kinds of space craft, from the probes that explore beyond the earth to plans for a enormous space station.

VHS tape, approximately 35 minutes, color. Ages 3-8.  $4.00

The following videos were edited by Feature Films for Families. Their mission statement:
We produce and distribute uplifting and entertaining motion pictures that are suitable for all ages and strengthen positive values while containing no profanity, vulgarity, sexual content or graphic violence.

The Buttercream Gang - Scott, Pete, Eldon and Lanny share fun and friendship as the "ButterCream Gang" in the small town of Elkridge. The group is temporarily separated when Pete moves to Chicago for the school year and falls under the influence of a local gang. When he returns to Elkridge unexpectedly, his friends notice he has changed. As Pete struggles, old friendships are challenged and the boys learn the true meaning of unconditional love. VHS tape. Color. $12.95 $5.00

City Boy - "Truth’s not an idea," wise old Duncan tells Nick, "It’s something ya feel!" Young Nick wants to know the truth about their boss, Tom McLean, but the "city boy" is also on a cross-country journey in search of the truth about the father he never knew. Only trouble is, Nick’s luck ran out, until McLean gave him a job at his logging operation. When the young man is assigned to guard McLean’s mysterious and beautiful Limberlost Forest from ruthless outlaws who are stealing its trees, he learns the real meaning of courage. But his integrity is put to the test when he discovers that one of the criminals is a man who once saved his life. The young man is also torn between his loyalty to McLean and his affection for Angelica, who opposes logging in the Limberlost. Still, if Nick can act with loyalty and courage during a crisis, he may find something even more valuable than his father - the truth. VHS tape, 108 minutes, color. $12.95 $5.00

Lost in the Barrens -
"Your strength and your courage will be shown in the good works that you do for others." When the trust fund keeping orphaned Jamie in his upper-class boarding school runs out, he must cross the continent to live with his Uncle Angus, a fur trapper, in the Canadian wilderness. Disobeying instructions, Jamie and Awasis, a native boy, explore the breathtaking territory on their own. A careless accident makes the unlikely pair suddenly realize that their disobedience could cost them their lives in Manitoba’s dreaded Barrens. A loyal friendship is sparked as they begin to see their vast cultural differences in a different light. But will that light burn brightly enough to lead them safely home?
  VHS tape, color. $12.95 $5.00

On our Own - In a desperate attempt to keep his family together, Mitch learns the hard way that accountability is an essential part of real courage. The scream of an ambulance signals that life has changed forever for the Robbins children. With their mother's death, they face a future that is uncertain at best. Long since abandoned by their father, one thing appears certain: They are bound for four different foster homes. When Mitch convinces his younger siblings that running away is their only chance of staying together, they begin an improbable journey to find Uncle Jack in hopes he can help them. Hungry, out of cash and with welfare officials hot on their trail, they have little chance of making it -- until they find a friend in Peggy, a vacationing teacher. When their problems appear to be solved, the plot takes another twist. A fun ride for the entire family, "On Our Own" is also a movie with a message: That the end doesn't always justify the means. VHS tape, color. $12.95 $5.00

Scamper the Penguin (animated) -
Dive into the delightful world of two penguins, Scamper and Snowflake. In this family favorite, these friends make learning about Antarctica fun and exciting. Scamper may be small but his thirst for knowledge and adventure is as big as Antarctica. When this brave little guy’s curiosity leads the pair into danger, Scamper shows Snowflake how to have faith and to not be afraid. A fully animated feature film. VHS tape, 85 minutes, color. $12.95 $3.00

Seasons of the Heart
- When Jed and Martha Richards agree to raise young, orphaned Daniel, Jed is delighted. But Martha, still grieving for her two little girls who died on the trek across the American Plains, finds herself swept away each day in a thousand wistful memories. As her golden-haired daughters dance through her aching heart, she can't help comparing them to this awkward, dirt-streaked young boy who annoys her at every turn -- and needs her so desperately. Jed and Danny both reach out to Martha, yet her anguish isolates her and threatens the marriage relationship. But spring sometimes comes unexpectedly, and for Martha it comes on a snowy Christmas Eve when Danny's innocent heart is finally able to rescue hers.
VHS tape, 94 minutes, color. $12.95 $5.00


Catch a Story with Storyteller, Ramona King - cassette. $2.00

Father Knows Best: An Uplifting Musical About the Father's Love for His Children
(audio CD) -  This recording is based on the original stage production of the Christian musical presented by the Hosanna Players at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, Annapolis, Maryland, February 25-28, 1998. The 17 songs are performed by the Hosanna Players, a group of homeschooled children. Audio CD. $3.00

How to Help Your Husband Make More Money So You Can Be a Stay-at-Home Mom by Joanne Watson, read by Kimberly Schraf - The author shares the techniques and secrets she used to help her husband make more money. Providing information on how a wife can help her husband boost his income, this is the guide book for those women dreaming of being a stay-at-home mom.

Two cassettes, 3.5 hours.

#0038 $17.95 $8.99

  The Moral Compass: Stories for a Life's Journey by William J. Bennett - William J. Bennett returns with another compendium of instructional and engaging readings that will help the whole family meet the challenges they will face in each of life's different stages. The box the cassettes are stored in has some wear.

Four cassettes. Running time: approximately 6 hours.

#6036 $25.00 $12.00



Blank Journal with 2000 on the cover and at the top of each page. $1.00

Child-size Plastic Chairs (nine) - One is scuffed. $35.91 $9.00

Doll - Handmade doll that comes in a leafy carry-all. I made this from McCall's pattern 9130. I never completed the hair on the doll. I'm including the pattern which has a portion of the instructions and some of the pattern pieces (I think all of them). I'm also including some of the leftover fabric and lace. You can look the pattern up on eBay to see a picture of the item. #9130 $5.00

Girl's Fancy Dress - Dark blue, with a sparkly bodice. Size 8. Excellent condition. $10.00

Nu-Kote Ink Jet Cartridge System - Three RF120 color inkjet cartridge systems for use with Hewlett Packard, DeskJet/DeskWriter Series Color Printers. Each unopened box contains 1 reusable printhead and 3 ink tanks (7 ml of each color per tank).  (51625A tricolor).
Three boxes for $5.00.

Men's Hockey Ice Skates - Size 7, Bauer's Impact 75. Great condition. $49.95 $25.00

Boy's Hockey Ice Skates - Size , Bauer's Impact 75. Great condition. $25.00

Women's Size 9 Glitter Flip Flops (Two Pairs) -
One pair is gold and one pair is red. These are Avon flip-flops, never used, still in bag. $9.95 $5.00

Mrs. Rabbit Ceramic Tea Pot
- Unused, excellent condition. Intended only for decorator purposes. $5.00

Handmade Greek Tile - Design is a grecian urn with ancient Greek figures. Background color: light blue. $5.00

Snow Cone Maker (Curiosity Kit) - Comes with snow-cone maker, paper cones, and reusable freezer cup. Lightly used.
#3236 $23.99 $10.00

Sound Effects Telephone
- This fully functional phone allows you to insert eight fun sound effects into every call: baby crying, scream, burp, fart, dog barking, rat-a-tat, glass breaking, and siren. My husband received this as a gag gift for his birthday and has never used it. He'll probably never get around to setting it up, so we're passing it along to someone who will.
#WCP01 $39.99 $14.99

Spy University Kit - This is a kit from a Scholastic book club. Comes with 3 fingerprint cards, a badge pass. The included case holds these items but can also hold some pens and other items. $1.00

Free Items

Take any with the purchase of a paid item. You can have more than one item as long as you are also paying for an item (example: buy 3 items, get up to 3 free items).

Adobe Photoshop 5.0 Limited Edition - Helps you edit and enhance images for reports, presentation, and online documents that need to grab attention fast. This is an introduction to the program. Free.

Animal Homes Game
- Cardboard gameboard and instructions. Missing: die and playing pieces. Free.

Animals and Their Homes Activity Book by Sonia Black - Some activities are filled in. Free.

Are We Having Fun Yet? (a Nickelodeon Book) - Summer Activities Inspired by Nickelodeon Magazine. Puzzles/ Quizzes/Fill In/ Jokes- great for those summer trips. The activities are filled in, but there are still jokes & tongue-twisters to enjoy. Ages 8-12. Free.

Calendar & Weather Kit
(Learning Resources) - This has been hanging in our house for years and is well-used. It is a pocket chart that allows the user to change the month and days. It also comes with yesterday/today/tomorrow cards that you can insert over the numbers, as well as cards that indicate the day's weather. The month cards are English on one side and Spanish on the other. 

Here are the components: 30"x35" wall chart with clear pockets, the months of the year in Spanish and English, the numerals 1 to 31, 72 activity cards in English and Spanish, one card labeled Months and three labeled Problems (in Spanish and English), transparencies labeled Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Spanish/English), transparent weather markers (20 each of rain, snow, clouds and the sun), a teacher's guide. The calendar is big and can be hung by its grommets. You can hang on the wall or on a chart holder.

Our son was the self-appointed calendar "changer" for many years, and both of our children loved this calendar. As I mentioned, it is very well used. It has been taped where the plastic has ripped. You may want it just for the cards.

The calendar is recommended for children 5+ - once we started using it, it stayed up on our wall until recently. The graphic I include here is not the calendar I'm selling; the graphic shows a more recent version. If you are interested in buying a new calendar, let me know, and I can order it for you through FUN Books and give you a 20% discount of the retail price. The new calendar alone retails for $18.95, the new calendar/weather chart is $36.95 retail.

Carmo Learning CD-ROM Demo -
A demo disc of Carmo Learning's nine world history units: Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, The Middle Ages, The Renaissance, The New World, Rise of Islam and World War I. Free.

Corduroy's Day & Corduroy's Party - Two-books-in-one, small size. Paper, 24 pages. Free.

Explore!: How the World Works for Kids Magazine - Our children learned a great deal from all of their magazine subscriptions and this one was one of them. I have eight copies of this highly illustrated magazine (now out of print). Dec 2000-Jul/Aug 2001. Free.

Geometry "Worksheets" - scads of geometry exercises (lots of construction). Copies made for my children (costly). My son used them independently but my daughter ended doing something else. Not a whole lot of instruction (a geometry teacher was using them for teaching but he had to stop the private lessons). I'm giving them away. Free

Learning About Frogs and Toads by Sy Barlowe
(Dover) - Full-color sticker illustrations of bullfrog, Brazilian horned frog, leopard frog, 9 other amphibians, plus descriptive text for each curious little creature. The stickers have already been applied.
Paper, 16 pages. Small size: 4 1/18" x 5 3/4".  #1219 Free.

The Mathematics Calendar 1998 - Although this is no longer any good as a calendar, there are lots of mathematic facts and problems to enjoy throughout the calendar. Cover has a crease. #0118 Free.

Millie's Math House -
Through 6 activities, children learn about numbers, counting, patterns, problem solving, size, geometric shapes, and more. MS-DOS. On two 3.5" floppy discs. Even if you can't use the floppies, the activity sheets that come with the program may be helpful. Free.

Minerals of the World Calendar - My husband and I used to work at a laboratory and received this oversized calendar from the company. We received several and this was an extra one that we kept, and I just unearthed it from storage. The photos of the different minerals are gorgeous. They are so striking that with one of the calendars we received, we framed them and put them up in a conference room. You might want to frame them too or maybe use them to illustrate a science project. Free.

Old Testament Timeline
on CD-Rom. A chronological study of the major characters and events of the Bible. Free.

Pun and Games by Richard Lederer -
Jokes, riddles, daffynitions, "tairy fales," rhymes, and more word play for kids. Answers filled out, but I think most are in pencil. Free.

Real Fossils: A Guide for the Beginning Fossil Collector. Covers where and how fossils came about, and gives instructions on collecting and identifying many types of fossils. Paper, 32 pages. Free.

Art to Zoo Newsletter - 10 copies of this Smithsonian newsletter that explores a single topic through an interdisciplinary, multicultural approach. Includes lesson plans. Some topics: landscape paintings, spiders, paleontologists. For grades 4-9. Free.

Beyond Division: Reunifying the Republic of Cyprus. VHS. Free.

Breaking the Code: Sequencing the Arabidopsis Genome
(National Science Foundation). VHS. Free.

Cube: The Video Puzzle Game for Windows. Free.

Digital Detectives Mysteries: The Case of the Killer Bugs by Jay Montavon - An interactive internet adventure. Read the mystery, search the web site for clues, solve the crime. I'm not sure if the information is still available online to solve the mystery or if you have to have the web site's help to solve it (our son can't remember). That's why I'm offering it for free.

Paper, 129 pages.  #9053 Free.

Expert Home Design -
Create a professional room or house plan the easy way. Includes kitchens and baths. IBM/Tandy 5.25"x3.5" discs (yes, floppy discs!). Free.

Expert Landscape -
Professionally design your exterior surroundings. IBM/Tandy 5.25"x3.5" discs (yes, floppy discs!). Free.

Fodor's USA Broderbund edition - A guide of where to stay, explore, etc. Free

From Concept to Consumer: Food Product Development. Follow several students as they learn how a new food product is conceived, developed, packaged and marketed. VHS. Free.

Horses by Jane Burton - Lots of photos. Hardcover, 63 pages. Free

King's Quest V CD-Rom.  Free.

Microsoft Money 2004 CD-Rom - # D266. Free.

Prepare... to Survive! Learn how you and your family can be prepared for natural disasters. VHS. Free.

Roget's College Thesaurus in Dictionary Form - 1962 edition. Free.

Sports Image World Cup 1994 for Windows. Free.

Theseus and the Minotaur by Leonard Everett Fisher - retelling of the Greek myth of Theseus, a youth who slays the Minotaur who lives in a labyrinth and kills Athenian youth. Theseus, with the help of the beautiful Ariadne, kills the Minotaur and finds his way out of the labyrinth. Fisher's illustrations are wonderful. While there are no wrinkles in the book, the pages are separating from the cover. Otherwise, the book is lovely. Paper picture book, 32 pages. Free.

Things to Do While Traveling: Car Games, Mazes, Puzzles and Pencil Fun. Only the dot-to-dot pictures have been completed. Paper, 128 pages. #9103. Free.

Video Text Interactive Mathematics Programs Video and Print Sampler - This sampler explains the VideoText approach. Free.

- Learn about the atmosphere, big storms, and how meteorologists predict the weather. Originally part of a kit that included experiments to put together. Just the 32-page book remains. Free.

We Serve - a VHS video about the Lions Club and the volunteer work they do. Free.

EA Kids: Software for Creative Learning. CD-Rom with following titles. For MS DOS: Eagle Eye Mysteries, Peter Pan-A Story Painting Adventure, Scooter's Magic Castle, Video Jam. Mac Titles: EA Kids Art Center, Eagle Eye Mysteries, Peter Pan-A Story Painting Adventure, Scooter's Magic Castle. Free.

Fun with Origami - This booklet includes 17 easy-to-do projects. Free.
Mindstorms Robotics sample CD. Free.

The University Bookman: A Quarterly Review of Books. The focus of the issue reviews books dealing with state of America's towns and countryside. Free.

The Diverse Society: Implications for Social Policy
- The study of ethnicity as a social phenomenon and its relation to structures of American society. I used this book in a college social work course. #0720 Free

Human Behavior in the Social Environment: A Social Systems Approach, 2nd ed. by Anderson & Carter - I used this text in my college sociology class. Paper, 199 pages.
#0229 Free

Mars Navigator: An Interactive Multimedia Program about Mars, Aerospace Engineering, Astronomy, and the JPL Mars Missions. [CD-ROM] 1996-1997. Windows and Mac Compatible.

Meridian Match Coach: Algebra II (MS-DOS) - On a 3.5" diskette. #ALG2 Free.

Perspectives on an Ocean Planet CD-Rom - The TOPEX/POSEIDON mission was designed to provide information about the changing topography of the world's oceans which, in turn, helps scientists to understand the ocean's role in the global climate. The TOPEX/POSEIDON satellite was launched in August 1992 and was expected to operate through September, 1998. The satellite is currently in operation. TOPEX/POSEIDON measures the global ocean topography every 10 days.

The CD-ROM contains over an hour of digital video, audio, images, and text captions which describe everything from the impetus for the mission to the science results obtained in the first three years.

The CD-ROM is designed for a general audience. The material is targeted for ages 14 and up. The software and data on the CD-ROM are formatted such that they can be accessed by Macintosh, PC, and other systems. Free.

Psychology and Life - This is a psychology textbook that I used in college. This classic is built around the central theme of presenting psychology as a science and applying that science to our daily lives. Free.

Social Work Processes by Compton & Galaway - Presents to the beginning social work student a basic set of concepts and principles from which can be developed a foundation of general practice knowledge. I used this book in a college social work course. #1945 Free.

Sociological Footprints - Introductory readings in sociology. Another college text. Paper, 430 pages. Free.

Stellar 7 CD-Rom for PC. Free.

Successful Investing & Money Management: The Money Course - Free.

Tips and Tools for Getting Thru to Kids: Innovative Approaches for Pre-Schoolers to Teens by Phillip Mountrose - 25 dynamic suggestions that teach parents and educators about themselves as well as their children.

This easy-to-read book will help raise adults' as well as children's emotional intelligence. It will show you how to resolve anger, improve honesty, and build trust. Learn the three keys to successful listening. Discover powerful ways to discipline that to teach children to discipline themselves. #8748 Free

Working with People, 2nd edition by Naomi I. Brill is a classic, best-selling book for beginning social work students. It introduces the basic components of working with people-observation, assessment, communication, and intervention. The book presents the theoretical foundation of social work practice, promotes the development of practice skills, and encourages social work students to more reflective in their work.  Paper, 263 pages. Free.