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Anamods - Nine 3-dimensional medically-accurate models made of vinyl (eye, ear, brain, heart, lung, kidney, liver, male & female reproductive systems). Each comes with suggested lessons, activities guide & stand. The guide is missing for the ear, but I may find it as I go through more of our storage. Each has already been assembled and is in a plastic storage bag). Age range: ages 12+. $20.00

The Aquarium Take-Along Book by Sheldon L. Gerstenfeld - Learn all about your favorite water animals, as well as how to preserve marine life for future generations. Noted veterinarian Sheldon L. Gerstenfeld takes youngsters behind the scenes in this guidebook for children, their parents, and their teachers. The book cover has some wrinkles. Paper, 104 pages. Ages 7-10. #0190 $5.99 $3.00

Animal Kingdoms: Wildlife Sanctuaries of the World
(National Geographic Society) - An unforgettable encounter with wildlife living in protected habitats around the world. Contains stunning full-color, glossy photos of animals in their natural environment. All are amazing, some are caught in humorous poses as well.

Gorgeous hardcover book. Jacket has some minor edgewear.

#7344 $6.00

Audubon Society Field Guide to the Natural Places of the Northeast Inland (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York) - Good condition. Library stickers, some creasing. Paper, 425 pages. #2825 $2.00

The Best of Edison Science Teaching Kit - A thick binder full of 73 science Edison experiments. Includes energy conservation, alternative energy sources, environmental experiments, static electricity, and more. $2.00

Biology and Human Behavior: The Neurological Origins of Individuality by Professor Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University (A Teaching Company audio recording) - When are we responsible for our own actions, and when are we in the grip of biological forces beyond our control? This intriguing question is the scientific province of behavioral biology, a field that explores interactions among the brain, mind, body, and environment that have a surprising influence on how we behave—from the people we fall in love with, to the intensity of our spiritual lives, to the degree of our aggressive impulses. In short, it is the study of how our brains make us the individuals that we are.

Eight lectures on seven audio cassettes. Each lecture is 45 minutes long. Lecture 1: The Basic Components, Lecture 2: Neurochemistry-How Two Neurons Communicate, Lecture 3: Plasticity in the Synapse-How Learning Works, Lecture 4: The Dynamics of Interacting Neurons, Lecture 5: The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), Lecture 6: Endocrinology I-Generating an Endocrine Signal, Lecture 7: Endocrinology II-Hormonal Effects on the Brain, Lecture 8: A Synthesis The Biology of Who We Are. #2589506 $15.00

Biology: The Science of Life (The Teaching Company) taught by Professor Stephen Nowicki, Duke University - This intensive, 72-lecture course will give you the background and guidance to explore in depth the fundamental principles of how living things work—principles such as evolution by natural selection, the cellular structure of organisms, the DNA theory of inheritance, and other key ideas that will help you appreciate the marvelous diversity and complexity of life.

You will explore living systems at all levels, from biological molecules to global ecosystems.

You will discover the mechanisms behind such intriguing phenomena as why children resemble their parents, what causes plants to bend toward light, how memories are stored, why some birds have very long tails, and how life itself began on Earth.

Above all, you will learn how to think about biology, so that in your day-to-day life you will understand the significance and complexities of news stories, medical issues, and public debates, not to mention what is going on in your own garden and in nature all around you.

Professor Nowicki presents the subject in a conceptual format, emphasizing the importance of broad principles. Facts and details are offered in abundance, but in the context of developing a framework that listeners can absorb.
72, 30-minute lectures. 12 discs.

#9308 $699.95 $150.00

Bird Life
(A Golden Guide) - Looks at the behavior and biology of birds and is packed with information on: How birds fly, migrate, nest, sing, raise their young, and more ways to observe birds as they go about their daily lives and how to attract and care for backyard birds. A perfect complement to identification guides. Very good condition. Paper, 160 pages. #0797 $5.95 $3.00

Chemistry: Precision & Design Quizzes (Abeka) - Just the quizzes. We do not have the textbook. Most of the questions have been answered using pencil. #55417 $5.25 Free

The Day We Walked on the Moon: A Photo History of Space Exploration by George Sullivan - Illustrated with dramatic color photos and historic newspaper headlines, The Day We Walked on the Moon takes an exciting look at the space age, from Sputnik to Neil Armstrong's famous steps, from Skylab to the space shuttle. Excellent condition. Paper, 72 pages. #5877 $5.95 $3.00

Disguises and Surprises by Claire Llewellyn - Young readers meet the beasts and other masters of camouflage in this full-color, large format book. Full of fascinating facts to wow children, this SuperSmart book will astonish and amaze with every page. #715X $1.99

Ecology, Pollution and Environment by Turk, Turk and Wittes - An interdisplinary examination of the ecological problems facing the world. Written in 1972. Paper, 217 pages. #6218 $1.99

Exploring Nature with Your Child: An Introduction to the Enjoyment and Understanding of Nature for All by Dorothy Edwards Shuttlesworth. This classic 1952 guide was designed for parents and children. Written by the founder and editor of the Junior Natural History Magazine. Black & white photos, old-style color illustrations. Still has original dust jacket, but it has some tears and edgewear. The book, though, is in great condition. Hardcover, 448 pages. $5.00

Exploring Space - from ancient legends, to the telescope, to modern space missions. A very attractive, interactive book. Excellent condition. Stickers already applied. Hardcover, 48 pages. #6157 $19.95 $10.00

First Field Guide: Birds (National Audubon Society) - This book is part of a series of guides designed for young ages 8-18 interested in  nature. It has an introductory section filled with interesting facts, descriptions of early naturalists, definitions of many of the terms used in the book, and a guide to using the field guide portion of the book. It features 50 common species with photos and brief descriptions of 125 more. Includes excellent photographs. An excellent beginning birder guidebook. The dust-jacket is a bit worn but the book is in excellent condition. Paper, 159 pages.
#4821 $10.95 $5.00

A Field Guide to the Butterflies of North America, East of the Great Plains by Alexander B Klots. Fair condition. Has plastic-covered dust-jacket. Library stickers (withdrawn). Illustrations, photos. Hardcover, 349 pages.#9130 $2.00

The Geology Book by Dr John D. Morris - Geology from a creationist perspective. Includes pull-out poster. Excellent condition. Hardcover, 80 pages. #2817 $15.99 $8.00

Holt Physical Science: Includes the teacher's edition of the 1986 text and the acccompanying teacher's resource book, which is a 3-ring binder containing review material and answers. Both of these together would cost about $200 if you purchased the new edition. You could use this alone as a resource in putting your own independent science lesson plan or to accompany the student text, which you would need to buy separately. Both books for $25.00

The Human Genome Project: Exploring Our Molecular Selves
educational kit. Primarily designed for 9-12 grade level but may effectively be used at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as by the general public. The kit includes: a 15 minute video documentary on the Human Genome Project in English and Spanish. A multimedia CD-ROM. An informational brochure on genomics, genetics, and genetic medicine. A wall poster. Free with purchase.

Icebergs: Facts, Stories, Activities
by Jenny Wood - A learning and activity book that provides an inventive, amusing, and educational introduction to icebergs. Full-color illustrations and photographs detail these giant ice floes in all their natural wonder. Paper, 32 pages. #9624 $1.99

Insects and How They Function by Philip S. Callahan - The book discusses the organs and bodies of insects, how their structures function, and how they sense the world. The author is an entomologist and did all the illustrations and photographs in the book. Library stickers (withdrawn). Hardcover, 191 pages. #1812 $3.00

Magic School Bus: Inside the Human Body by Joanna Cole - The Magic School Bus carrying Ms. Frizzle and the entire class, shrinks and is accidentally eaten by Arnold, and journeys through his body. #4275 $4.95 $1.99

Plastic Model of the Human Heart -
This came in a Magic School Bus kit. It's $1.00 by itself or free with the purchase of the above Magic School Bus book (make sure to mention if you order the book).  #HRT $1.00 (free w/book)

Merrill Science
Ages 9-12. (1989) Hardcover, 424 pages. #5155 $54.40 $10.00

Merrill Science/Grade 4 (1989) Hardcover, 384 pages. #1470 $54.40 $10.00

MacMillan Earth Science - Junior High (1986). Excellent condition. Hardcover, 580 pages. $27.12 $10.00

Physical Science Teacher's Edition and Teacher's Resource Book (Holt, 1986) - For ages 13+ The Holt Physical Science consists of an introductory chapter (What is Science) followed by 20 chapters organized into six units. The first 3 units deal with the study of physics. The last three units are concerned with chemistry. Each units consists of three or four chapters. The teacher's edition has the same information as the student's edition but has additional material (annotations, answers to some questions, etc.) The Teacher's Resource Book is in a three-ring binder. The pages are divided by index tabs. Included are blackline masters that are review quizzes, skills questions, and lab sheets for each chapter of the text. There are also transparency masters and tests/midterm/final test.
2 books: Text and Teacher's Resource Book: #9346 $25.00

Reptiles & Amphibians (A Golden Guide) - This guide to the snakes, frogs, turtles, and salamanders of North America aids in the identification of 212 species. Learn: How to tell the difference between reptiles and amphibians, how and where to find them, how to separate fact from fable. Includes full-color illustrations, up-to-date range maps, and interesting facts. Just the right size for a pocket. Very good condition. Paper, 160 pages. #0576 $5.95 $3.00

Science Crafts for Kids (Book & Kit) - Contains a hardcover book of 144 pages that features easy-to-understand explanations of scientific facts behind the amazing experiments. Relive some of the great moments in scientific history, how science affects your life every day, and try to solve some mind-bending puzzles and riddles. Contains bag of soil, 8" embroidery hoop, paddlewheel plank, and plastic scissors. Other accessories originally included in kit are missing. Book by itself retails for $19.95 #9005 $10.00

Switched-On Schoolhouse Science 8 (Grade 8) - System requirements: CD-Rom PC (Pentium 133 or better), 16 MB RAM, 160 MB for a full installation, 4X CD-Rom drive, 16-bit sound card capable of 22,050 KHz or better, SVGA video card capable of 640x480x256 colors, Windows 95, 98, 200 or ME.  CD-Rom still sealed, box has some creases. $69.95 $50.00

The Weather Classroom: A Complete Workbook for Understanding Meteorology, Climatology, and the Environment. Developed by The Weather Channel (Cable in the Classroom). 15 chapters, includes The Basics of Weather, Solar Radiation, Temperature, Clouds, Weather Forecasting and more. Paper, 76 pages. #700X $1.00

World Geography Map Studies (Abeka) - The Map Studies Book provides opportunity for students to practice their geography skills and reinforces learning through map projects.

Paper. Questions have been answered in pencil.

#59862 $4.75 Free