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Waldorf-Style Material

The Children's Year by Cooper, Fynes-Clinton, and Marye Rowling - Creative handwork may give joy and satisfaction to adults and children alike. Here is a book relating the making-of-things to the seasons; taking the reader through Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter with appropriate toys and gifts to create, with full, clear instructions and illustrations. Designs and patterns for children's clothing are included, particularly meant to be made of natural fabrics to let the child's body breathe while growing. There are soft items for play and beauty, and there are firm wooden ones; moving toys such as balancing birds or climbing gnomes; horses which move when you add children to them! From wooly hats to play houses, mobiles or dolls, here are over 100 potential treasures to make in seasonal groupings.

You needn't be an experienced craftsperson to create something lovely, and the illustrations make it a joy to page through while choosing what to make first. The Children's Year offers handwork for all ages and individualities; it reminds us of the process of creating as opposed to merely consuming, and all this in the context of nature's rhythm through the year.

Book is in good condition. There are a couple of creases on the cover. Paper, 192 pages.

#0000 $15.00

Festivals, Family and Food by Carey & Large - This is a resource book for exploring the festivals - those "feast days" scattered round the year which children love celebrating. It is written with families, and especially children very much in mind - for children can remind us of the wonders we might otherwise forget. The underlying theme is a simple but bold suggestion - that if celebrating festivals was formerly the focus of community life, then rediscovered in the modern context, such seasonal activities may enrich family life.

Even though Christmas comes but once a year, there are at least 18 other festivals to celebrate. Each festival, such as Candlemas, Witsun or Midsummer, has its own chapter. There are over 650 songs to sing, games for fun, food to make, stories, poems and things to do - with over 200 illustrations. The festivals are grouped into the four main seasons with sections on: Birthdays, Hungry Teatimes, Rainy Days, Convalescence, Extra Touches, a Birthday Calendar - and space for your own ideas.

Book is in good condition. Paper, 216 pages.

#623X $22.00 $14.00