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I also sell new books on my FUN Books web site. While I cannot combine orders for payment, I can certainly ship items ordered here and at FUN Books together to save on your shipping cost.







Easer Snoopy Plush in Bunny Outfit (Hallmark) - Brand-new. Great for Easter. $9.95 $4.00

Garfield Plush Dressed as an Easter Bunny
- This "stuffed animal" (about 13" tall) is in excellent condition. Garfield is wearing a pair of bunny ears, and  the elastic band stretched between his paws can hold a small box of candy or other gift. $3.00

Hallmark Snoopy Plush Dressed an an Easter Bunny - This "stuffed animal" is 15" tall and is dressed in a light purple Easter Bunny outfit. The hood has long bunny ears which Snoopy can wear on or off his head (he's so cute!) The plush is in excellent, brand-new condition and still has the price tag on it. $9.99 $5.00